Respect the – Can’t Accept!

DSCN0781[1]Just about two weeks ago, I wrote a post on Facebook stating my perplexity with the way our town folks are being criticized by some elements of our society in and out of Dominica.  Unbeknownst to me, a statement meant for good would have come under much criticism by a minority I might add; still the criticisms came.

In life everyone understands the same statement differently, and so that kind of reaction is expected.   You see, our understanding of a statement by someone else has everything to do with our orientations, biases, beliefs and dispositions.  Well, these I have no control over, and so I cannot prevent the misconstruing, nor can I prevent the slurs shot at me on the social media platform, and behind my back in person.

Expressions such as hypocrite, wicked, wisely-wicked were tossed at me, on my page, behind my  back, to my friends on my behalf and among those who know me, believe in me and understand from what angle the post was written.  I was labelled to be of a certain political color, and was given a god that I could never make my God.  So, the long and short of all this is that, I wrote and I got blows for it.    Image08302011133517

One could then say, maybe I should stop the writing, maybe I should be quiet, cower, hide, be afraid of self-expressing and just watch other people do it.  On the contrary, we are all given a voice, even the voiceless, and must use them according to what our heart says to do.  I reckon that to have a voice and not use it is to be taking a major gift for granted.  To be silent when the desire to speak is throbbing in one’s heart is equivalent to stifling.   That, I will not allow to happen to me.  My voice is my voice given my by the voice-giver.

You see, our society is laden with strong political threads, being sewn in unsavory manners throughout, within and without our land.   The interpretation of every big and small incident now often takes on the dress of a political purpose or reason.  We are definitely free to do so as a people.  Remember, we interpret things based on our preoccupation and that which possesses us, be that faith, politics, power, pride or whatever.  In the midst of these, I believe each of us has a responsibility to temper our biases for the sake of learning to respect the views of those we oppose.  We all have the responsibility to agree to disagree in a manner that is amicable and wholesome, not denigrating each other hoping to tear one down emotionally.  That – the latter behavior is actually displayed by cowards.  We are more than that!

Conclusively, I would kindly act us to learn to respect that we cannot accept!  This is how we will teach the young ones how to solve conflicts without needing to destroy each other.  Easy?  Nah!  Possible? Heck Yea!

First we must exercise some restraint, allow our morals and values to permeate our gestures, and lead our thought-processes.  If we lose the basic manners and courtesies so early, what can or shall we expect when the “hot-season” comes in?  Lord Help us!

Allow me to now offer an olive branch of Peace to all and sundry who were offended by my comments.  While I cannot prevent them from being offended, I can ask you to respect my view, as I seek to respect yours amicably.  If there is one thing we have in common, it should be – Love for Dominica!

God bless you today!

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