Last year about now…

It is December and it is almost impossible to think that 2018 is nearly over.  The fact is that one year ago today we were just beginning to muster strength to pick up ourselves as a nation.  As an individual, I was constantly seeking ways to find stability.  We had very little evening entertainment, so we created ours.  We played cards, and other board games, and because the night was generally quiet, we could hear almost every drop of the dominoes and their shuffling on the not-too-far neighbors above us.

Our social lives like our geographical construct was rocked to a point of internal conflict.  Despite the troubles we learned to cope, we sat in the dark, we sang happy songs, laughed at trivial things, told old stories, and sometimes just star-gazed.  The little things we relished were the largest of life.  They mattered the most because they kept us sane.

One year later, we no longer hear the dominoes, we can hardly see and hear the neighbor’s outbursts of laughter over who got a “love” overnight, and since most of us have electricity, internet and television, well we have set aside the social gatherings.  Truth be told, if we could have the best of these two worlds, I’d settle for it.

You see, once upon a time, we had a more sociable nation.  The simple gatherings with no big meal, no expensive drinks, and no glamorous attires were the order of the day.  That is where formal and non formal youth and community organizations thrived.  People made times for meetings, and actually paid full attention and gave much participation at these meetings.

Oh, but these days man.  These days, the meeting competes with our short attention spans, the groups compete with the cell phones and social-media-packed-gadgets, and the neighborhood gatherings compete with the lights, televisions, computers and the IT works.  How easy we forget, how easy we let go, how easy we return to the easier things – the things that require less of us, and more energy – literally.

Mark you, with the advancement of technology it is only practical for us all to be somewhat engaged with it, but is there a way we can try to foster some meaningful social gatherings?  Any suggestions for us?  Do you think we have lost the ability to return to such simple living?  Is a balance (a bit of both worlds) possible?

I sincerely believe we need both.  The social interactions are super essential to our development after all.  It would be wonderful hearing your thoughts on this matter.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Blessings Always!


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