Don’t Burst Your Budget For Christmas!

Christmas is in the air, and there are people everywhere … Yeah Yeah, sounds like some kind a poetry line right?

Actually, with Christmas being just one week away, I am working on reminding myself to stay focused, and not get crazy spending the little cash available to me in my effort to make everyone else happy.  Truth be told, we all want to make a difference in somebody’s life.  We also always want to give a special gift to the special people in our lives during times and seasons such as Christmas.   That is normal and actually modest to do.   Nonetheless, we are all working with limited resources, or spending monies I bet, unless you are one of the lucky ones in the 3% population of “rich folks”.

With that said, let me admonish you and myself that we should seek to be thrifty this season and beyond.  A few simple suggestions are as follows if implemented or considered, can assist us toward thriftiness during this season known to tickle lavish spending temptations.  By the way, Christmas is not even about shopping, eating, drinking and spending.  We know there is a bigger meaning to the day and season.  Still, it does command the need to congregate and fellowship; thus, the temptation to burst the limitations of our budgets.

Below are 10 ways to avoid bursting that budget for the Christmas season.

  1. Keep at the forefront of your mind that next month (January) will be a new month which will require you meet its daily needs.
  2. Buy gifts based on the thought, and not necessarily on how expensive it is for that special someone (s).
  3. Accept tokens from others with gratitude, be them small. At least he or she considered you.  Besides, that leaves you with the option of being modest in your giving.
  4. Ensure that your December bills are paid in full, and not neglected or done in part, at the end of the month like the previous months.
  5. Don’t procrastinate on paying these bills. Procrastination will accumulate and leave you under some financial and emotional stress.  Remember, January brings bills of its own; so avoid pushing these to the following month.
  6. Social events are great, but manage your attendance / participation, especially if it requires you to spend on eats and drinks, and even gift exchanges. (Don’t get me wrong, we must socialize and enjoy the season with friends and loved ones, but we must make an effort to avoid overdoing ourselves.)
  7. Put your family’s needs first. Do not neglect these. Remember, your children’s and spouse’s happiness results in your own happiness in and most importantly after this joyful season.
  8. Don’t binge, nor get drunk and lose your purse / wallet in the process. Oh I know drinks will be flowing freely.  Control yourself pal.  To lose your hard earned money or access to it over the holiday is no fun.
  9. If you must, allot a certain portion of money toward gift giving if you so desire, and try sticking to it. Try not to exceed it.  Once it is finished, consider it done.
  10. Remember that January is referred to as the longest month. It really is not about being the longest month, but about how little spending-power one allows his or herself, post December’s salary and spending.  With that knowledge stay focused and vigilant.

Hopefully, we can all exercise restraint and control with our finances during this festive season.  In that way, we will have a comfortable January, as we really should.

Do you have any suggestion you would like to share with us?

In the meantime, best wishes and Season’s Greetings, and a Merry Christmas Season to you and yours!

God bless.

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