Portsmouth – Let Us Keep The Support for LA Bombers Football Club Alive

We Supporting Bombers
Just a part of the turnout at today’s Football match at Benjamin’s Park

We don’t have to look too far from us, to see what support is all about.  Our neighboring village on the West Coast is super at emptying out their fishing village whenever their team is playing anywhere around Dominica.  While me may not necessarily empty out Possie when Bombers plays, we must empty our homes when the games are on home-ground.  Today, we did a great or fabulous job at that.  As a matter of fact, I felt happy and proud being from Portsmouth, regardless of the result.

While we no doubt came out with the hope of taking home the joy of winning that game, and left with the adverse result, we must not be daunted, nor must we lose focus.  First, LA Bombers FC must not give up the fight, to up their results, and emerge better next time; then we the supporters and community members, must not neglect our own responsibilities to push them forward with our support.

The majority of the team are tender-aged lads, who are still learning the game, learning to gel with each other and the team’s administration, and who are still learning to understand themselves.  Man, is that pressure?  A whole town plus opponents are in one spot watching you.  #Pressure #Pride #Pain too.  Mark you, I am making no excuses for the losses the team has endured lately – that is on them and management, but I am simply asking that all of us hold them dear, and maintain the support in whatever ways possible.

There are a lot of ways to support and we must find our own styles to do so.  With steady parading from the likes of Bombers’ Mascot – Brandon,



publicity or live game broadcasts from #EmoNews, shouts of joy and exuberance from all of us when a goal is scored, to the fathers like “Peanuts” running across the field at half time to go and give a word of encouragement and support to his son and teammates, and the steady shouting at the players when they mess up – we all show some support.   Great stuff on our parts.

Let me caution us though – in times when losses occur, we can often let the pains of the loss cause us to forget that these are players who are people just like us.  People likely to make errors, mess up sometimes, are not super-men / super-human and that we ourselves – the majority of us that is, – really cannot even do any better than our boys on the field.  The hot-slurs, or dirty verbal abuses thrown at them cannot be acceptable as part of our support.  WE Must change that.  Calling them derogatory names, exposing all their faults which could result in a huge crack and or decrease in their self esteem – as paradoxical as it may seem, in my view these cannot be support.  We have to exercise self control, and keep supporting our Team even when the result is unsatisfactory.  Bombers is ours pal!

In no way am I saying we should not chide them, neither am I saying we should not challenge them.  Oh yes, they should be both challenged and chided, but we cannot denigrate them especially to the pleasure of the lurking and gleefully gazing opponents.  We must deal with our matters in chambers, – so find Bombers’ chamber (s) and have your say.

Meanwhile, Bombers’ management, you too must be open to the criticisms when they are constructively made.  The destructive ones usually have some underlying messages too, but don’t let them be your guide.  Focus on the constructive pointers from your supporters, be humble and accept them when made, so to improve your team, game and administrative styles.  In that vein, open up the chambers for the supporters when they knock your doors please.

Sometimes we see lost games as all negative.  In life many people have emerged highly successful after several failures.  These losses are meant to teach us all, but especially the Football Club.  To the Club I dare say; these losses can become your gains.  You are better or now able to utilize these failures as opportunities to evaluate the team’s and club’s performance, explore the emotional intelligence of your members / players, probe the psychological fortitude, or the lack thereof, and test the team-spirit, and group dynamics within.  If used wisely, your losses could make you a stronger force to be reckoned with.

For us in Portsmouth, these losses must be used to encourage us to grow even stronger behind a young team that needs us all to bring us a sense of pride and appreciation for the sport we so love.  WE are always bigger than our adversities, even when it is hard to spot the size of our powers. With this said, I kindly urge you and I to keep supporting the Bombers’ Football Club!

The photos below (check them out you might spot yourself or someone you know 🙂 )  are all compliments myself.  They are presented as raw as the day gave them to me.  See our support as a community.  We can definitely keep that going.  Will you keep up Your Support of our Bombers FC?  Kudos to sponsors LA Enterprise for the quality promotion and Range Development for their patronage as well.

LABombersFC – ViVa!



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