2 Videos of the Boiling Lake Experience that challenged me to the Core! A part 2!

This one is really not meant to be long.  You just need to see the raw footage of aspects of our hike via the following two videos.

I bet you are about to have a jaw-dropping experience looking at the beauty that will greet you.  Meanwhile, you are going to want one of those hard boiled sulfuric eggs if you do eat eggs that is.  Even if you do not like eggs, you will wonder about how they tasted and whether we were not more than brave to actually consume those we had.

Well, we are all still alive, one month after, so let us say – It was safe and did not kill any of us.

Here are the videos for your liking.   Feel free to leave a comment if you would like. I would love it if you do.


8 thoughts on “2 Videos of the Boiling Lake Experience that challenged me to the Core! A part 2!

    1. Hi Steve, Your comment made me laugh. Is it that you just do not like boiled eggs or you are scared about the sulfuric effect? LOL.
      You are welcome to visit and try the hike anytime most certainly. Do come 🙂
      Wishing you and Muffin a wonderful day too.

        1. Lol. It did not kill us though, so let us say it was safe. Actually, our tour guide Lenny first tied them in a clear white plastic bag, and used a stick to keep them in the boiling water. Check out the 2nd blog on my hike and you will see two videos. I think he shows the eggs in the bag therein.
          Thank you for sharing. Stay well you and Muffin.

            1. lol 🙂 Thank you for viewing and have a blessed Sunday evening and a productive week. Greetings to you and Muffin as always. Keep writing and sharing your stories too.

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