LA Enterprise Bombers FC, Shows Resilience and Sheer Determination

After writing my last blog entry, I found it necessary to watch the boys of LA Enterprise FC play their next match.  Notwithstanding the fact that I was like the several others who were speedily completing Saturday chores prior to joining the devoted fans already lined up along the grounds of the Benjamin’s Park, I was able to enjoy quite a proportion of the game.

Having found myself on the wing of an irate fan, I was often perturbed by the dirty insults directed toward the coach, then to the players, and even at fans and opponents alike.

Imagine at one time, a local player was actually giving some unpleasant responses to the irate fan.  As if trying to intimidate all the ‘non-football players, and just comers like me, the culprit once described himself as an animal.

I wondered whether being an ‘animal’ was a qualification to show, that one deserved to wear the team’s supporters’ tshirt, which interestingly this guy was not even decking.  He even missed spotting the team’s colour.

Then I thought maybe this is his way of showing his passion for the game, desperation for the Bombers team to win, and more so to give himself something to believe in.  Whatever his reason, it wasn’t easy for me to focus on the boys, block out that distortion and maintain my calm within that verbal storm.

Then I thought to myself, if every other ‘fan’ is as rude and impatient like the referenced fan, well Bombers and furthermore any sports playing team or individual who supports them is in deep trouble.

“Love is patient and it is kind, it is not rude…” according to the scriptures.  If this is the case, I have a hard time being convinced by someone that this is love for the game, the players or the team.

On the contrary, such behavior denotes anger, bitterness, and as if the existence of a vendetta.  I’m not here to judge nor vilify the irate fan, but alas am I perturbed by such explosions and concerned about the quality or lack thereof of the man.  The disrespect is real all over.

Anyway, enough of the lamentation already.   The turn offs that were experienced at last Saturday’s game cannot surpass the phenomenal work put out by the boys then.

Some top quality defense employed by Elizee (Maudo), Usher’s abilities to run the ball toward the opponent’s goal post, the determination of the strikers amidst the challenges faced were all commendable and worth mentioning.

Their hard work resulted in a four to 1 win over the opponent.  This is most certainly something to be proud of.

Kudos to the tempered fans who turned up and turned out.  Our support will continue to elevate Club LA Enterprise Bombers.

With a few more crucial games ahead, players must remain focused, management must keep the glue strong and refreshed, coach (es) must fix any festering flaw, and fans must keep the fire burning.

Thank you Bombers for the win.  Remember complacency is a huge enemy.  You better stay focused on the purpose and prize ahead.

All the best going forward.  #LAEnterpriseBombersFC #PressOn


2 thoughts on “LA Enterprise Bombers FC, Shows Resilience and Sheer Determination

  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Your passion for the Team is quite evident! Some of the fans need to be more positive! Let’s go Bombers!

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