5 Considerations LA Bombers FC and Fans Should Urgently Employ Before, During and After Every Football Match.

By now most of us are aware that the clash of the giants left the Portsmouth L Bombers FC and their fans heartbroken.  Many vented maybe silently so, while others openly gave their verdicts.  As for me, I have been left to ponder whether it is fair to appeal to you the fans to keep supporting the team.

I can assure you, despite the obvious disappointment, undoubtedly i would do it again – asking for that support to grow or strengthen beyond wins and losses.

The reason for my optimism is as simple as:  “Loss does not equate death.”  You see if our mortal beings loses the battle against life, it is triumphed over by the faith in Christ (for those of us who believe), thus eternity is promised to us.  When that time comes, the old mortality will be swept away, and immortality will be the greatest gift for our souls.  Thus, we would enjoy eternal bliss with Christ if we die in friendship with him.

Similarly, a team losing a match 2 to 1 does not equate the death of the team and should not result in the breakdown of its veins and backbone.  After-all, with some extra effort, a return to its vision and mission, the acquisition of the club’s goal will result in the scoring of many more goals.

On that note, I hereby propose five (5) simple, but necessary considerations that LA Bombers FC and their fans should entertain.

1.  Finish as strong or even stronger than you start.  Team, this is clear (I hope), but work on your stamina as well as your personal and collective passions to win.  Fans, keep the momentum of the support up even when things look brown. (That is hard I know, but it is possible).  The point is, every game is unique and should be approached with fresh perspectives and hopeful mannerisms.  Treat each game with it’s own merit.

2.  Find the core of your person, dig deep and you will realize there is a winner in you.  Team: you have won before, so take a collective and individual trip back to those joyous moments.  Ponder: “what have us these victories then?”  Once you find the reasons, bottle them within your heart and replay them in your memory bank.  Watch the winning spirit turn into reality though you all.  Fans: Your realization of the winner in you will propel your desire to make winners of our players.  Your every disposition and verbal expressions will exude just that spirit of winner, plus some.

3.  Pray together with sincerity.  Give the game to the purpose and honor of God.  Maybe for some people this could be laughable, but if we can pray to pass exams after we study hard, why can’t one or a team pray to win a game after the hard work of practicing and training for it?  Players and Fans – we are called to respect, honor and please the talent giver in every facet of our lives.  We are to give the talent and skills back to Him. So before those games try a little personal prayer fans, and a collective and personal prayer Team, that you may give your best, be satisfied with the outcome after the final whistle blows, and respect the team’s efforts despite the disappointments if your heart’s desire was not met.  Meanwhile, prayer goes together with effort.  It changes things. #Pray.

4,  After losing a game, re-calibrate, refocus and like a computer, reboot your system.  Team:  reboot to the values that can bring success to any team.  Those values that are bigger than any level of frustration you may have.  Reprogram your attitude – (state of mind), and watch growth happen.  Fans: you must reboot too.  Reboot to the thing that drives your support of the team.  Your love for the game, your appreciation for the players, your pride in community despite its challenges. So reset, reboot and re-turn to the next football match.

5. Finally, enjoy the moments, enjoy the games, find all the reasons to be joyful during each encounter with an opponent.  Team: remember to laugh and relax even while struggling during a match.  Help each other to maintain a certain sense of confidence, peace and self control.  – Enjoy yourself.   Fans: enjoy the game, but remember to interact with your fellow fans and even those of the opposing team.  Laugh a little, for that might just contribute to the tranquil mindset that our players need on the field.  Remember, Teams and Fans feed off each other.

Conclusively, I encourage all concerned  to employ the above considerations before, during and after all future matches.  LA Bombers FC’s next game is scheduled for (Saturday 9th February at 3:30 PM at the Benjamin’s Park).  #FightToTheLastWhistle Bombers.


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