Five Quick, Easy and Valuable Thoughts To consider During the Remainder of Carnival Season 2019.

With all the fun and frolic unfolding even as I write this entry, I cannot help but wonder, who wants to read a blog post right now.    Not withstanding this fact, I think it is imperative that I quickly share with you who will read Five quick, easy, and valuable thoughts To consider during the rest of the Carnival Season.  These are actually ten easy concepts you can take with you to wherever your feet may lead during the rest of today Carnival Monday, up to Tuesday last-lap.  So, here goes!

Don’t Pappyshow Yourself! Well simply put, don’t make a fool of yourself as if you have nothing to live for after the fun is over.  Remember, you are more than the temptations that you may face while trying to ‘sewo’ (have a good time), so do not let all your guards down.

Doh do margee – (foolishness) with yourself! Well this is very colloquial similarly to number one.  To reiterate the point, do NOT take yourself for some joker on the street.  Do not allow yourself to do anything that you will be shameful about after the fact.  Your self deserves the best, so treat it that way.  Remember, your body is the Temple of God’s Holy Spirit, so treat it no less.  Skimpy, revealing outfits only serve to demean your worth sisters and brothers.  Leave some of you to the imagination of others.  You are precious alright, so – no margee.

Alcohol is a Spirit, do not give it Control over you!  Certainly you can take a drink or two if your body can tolerate that.  By now you should know your limit, or whether you can even carry strong drinks in your blood stream without getting intoxicated.  If you have no such prowess like other people who are able to consume liquor, then leave that spirit alone.  As a matter of fact whether you are a capable of tolerating many drinks before drunkenness sets in, or whether you cannot, it would be sensible to avoid the strong stuff while trying to party.  Besides, alcohol by nature is a depressant despite the fact that it makes some folks feel like superman / superwoman.  It will only serve to slow you down.  Leave that stuff alone.

Do Not Drink and Drive!  Do Not Drive While Consuming Alcohol or other substances that are capable of altering your judgement.    Many people think this will never happen to them, so they continue trying to function as if they are normal while consuming these potent substances.  That could be Alcohol, Marijuana, Crack / Cocaine or some other unnamed substance.  Save a life and yours, get a designated driver who is committed to remaining sober.  Your life is precious as much as that of the other.  

Parents, Do Not Neglect Your Responsibilities To Your Children during Carnival!   Many parents seem to forget to warn, instruct, guide and even set an example for their children during such days.  With the desire to “take their Foot”, they often neglect that responsibility to guide, protect and even monitor their children.  That can result in detrimental and long term effects.  Remember, you are a parent today, and will most likely remain on by Ash Wednesday.  Be exemplary, and protect your sons and daughters even on carnival day.

Finally, a quick bonus:  Be Vigilant!  Secure your self and property!  Do note that not everyone in the band intends to just have fun and enjoy the fete.  Some could be there with malicious intentions to pick your pockets, steal your wallet / purse / phone, or even to thief a whine.  If you do not want all of these, then be vigilant, respect your self, choose your location wisely in the bands, and know when to walk out if necessary.

All in all, enjoy your self in a responsible and exemplary manner, that on Ash Wednesday, you would be carrying no guilt and shame.  Hope you consider these simple but pertinent suggestions during the rest of the season.

All the Best, Stay Safe and Stay Well!  Dominica needs you Post Carnival 2019 :).

Your thoughts are always welcome here.

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2 thoughts on “Five Quick, Easy and Valuable Thoughts To consider During the Remainder of Carnival Season 2019.

  1. I love this. Up to this morning I told my mother all these nakedness from people whom I least expect.who could be examples.I said what happens to your names after carnival?

    1. Seemingly, carnival gives the all clear to people to go over the top. As if all that matters are these two days. Can’t people have fun without being vulgar?
      It all boils down to individuals and societal values or the lack thereof.
      Thank you for sharing.

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