Family is Everything!

It has been a while since I connected with you all, and there is no pride in that shame. Actually, this silence of mine has been with good reasons; nonetheless, no excuses. I could definitely have done better by you my kind and ardent readers. Thank you for reading.

I thought I’d update you on one of the main reasons for my absence here. After seven years, – yes 7, I was able to see my maternal sister. Two of my three maternal brothers, and a sister in law along with some friends who accompanied my sister, also graced our home. So by now you should realize we had a really full house, and a lot of traffic in a short time. It undoubtedly was a wonderful time spent with Family over the past month and a half. – jee how time flies man.

As short as the time was, I had a fabulous experience hosting everyone. Was I scared as to how it would play out? You bet! It turned out successfully, and thankfully it was incident free. Months of planning resulted in happy people all around.

The most amazing part of all this gathering, and the actual reason for making the effort, was the fact that our mom celebrated her 70th year and she received treatment of royalty. Not that she doesn’t get wonderful treatment otherwise; but her children went over and above to ensure she understood how much she means to us. We are grateful for her life on earth and spared no detail in ensuring there was no cause for doubt or ambiguity.

Though our first maternal brother was away, he connected with us on the day of the celebration through social media, while his children fully represented with their presence and commitment to the event.

Her brothers, one sister, friends of our family, and my mom’s good and longtime colleagues and neighbors all graced her special celebration with their presence. This was so deeply meaningful. To watch my siblings openly express their joys, and appreciation for our mom, welled up tears in many eyes. Meanwhile, our mom was so happy, she felt special and knew without a doubt that she is loved by us.

You can well imagine there was some lessons learned from this experience. Clearly, there is nothing like family time, nothing as precious as reminiscing on the things which contributed to who we are today; how much we care for each other, and support each other’s dreams and aspirations. The small things we did to make the other feel and know he or she is appreciated, linger in my mind.

For example, my brother Michael actually fell into the mode of nurturing my home potted plants to the extent where, the yard smiled while he was there. His hands are blessed. Like some of you would say, he has a “GreenThumb” (like my best friend KB 🙂 ). Everything he plants grows, and I was so happy to have him work on them. Today, the chive has grown bigger than it ever did, and the fruit trees on the neglected lot next door are literally shining. Who knows, maybe these will bear fruits soon enough.

Living far apart is very painful sometimes you know. I actually miss my family, I miss my siblings, and being the last they kind of always look out for me and or take care of me regardless of my age. Truthfully, I appreciate them all, and wish we were all living closer, but life happens – it sets us geographically distant. Thank God for social media and the internet though. We are definitely making use of this.

All that I have right now is heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity given me to spend with them. The joy of having family is precious, and I would not like to ever take that for granted. Sadly though, I left home before they made their departures. Duty called, and I traveled to another island for ministry, which took me back home days after they returned to their destinations – places they now call home. This was a difficult decision for me, but I respect and honor God more than anything, and would give it all up for His business; thus.

It is my hope that our being together again will not take this long to occur. Life moves fast you know, and people leave quickly – too fast really. With that said, allow me to encourage you to take care of your family members, cherish them, love them and show them that you are really committed to them. Nothing can replace these moments. Do it today if you can.

How do you show your family members that they matter to you? Had a reunion of some sort lately? It would be sweet reading about your own experience. Bless you!

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