Something about Self-Confidence and the Effects of Self-Consciousness!

Something about self confidence! You walk into a room, all eyes are on you. The palm of your hands begin to sweat, you begin to bite your lips, your head drops and the self-conscious meter in you rises rapidly. That is being on the spot!

Your name is called, the green light is given, you walk up to podium sorta wobbly because the thousands of eyes in the room are now affixed in your direction. You set your notes down on the very podium, which you hope will hide your shaking feet, you throw a quick glance at the microphone, then look up at the curious audience, and your self-conscious meter exponentially rises. You are on the spot! There is no running away now. Either you put on a brave face, and trample the nerves, or you cower and expose the internal battle you have been fighting.

When you find yourself on the spot, in the spotlight, ahead of a huge crowd, what do you do? Where do you find the tools needed to endure the inescapable public’s scrutiny at that point? I have always wondered how those of us who are public speakers do it. Those of us who are singers, how do we rise above the pains of doing our jobs with an un-requested audience? Mark you, without that audience, we have no act, no work; no use speaking, singing, or performing. So that which we fear is still our asset.

All these physical reactions are natural to the individual who desires to excel at their act. These are almost inescapable. In light of that inevitability, one must develop strategies to cope. In my book, one thing stands the tallest in such tensed environments; Self-Confidence! Now, while this may not be th]pe only strategy needed to thrive in such situations, I think it plays a huge role in the success of one’s delivery, and the ability to repeat and even better the acts.

So, what is self-confidence? In my mind, Self confidence is the deep seated personal conviction that nothing can disrupt nor eradicate one’s internal strength and belief in his or her ability, and character. It is beyond physical attributes, surpasses what is visible to the human eyes and constantly serves as fuel to one’s locust of control. It derives from the process of growth, experiences, affirmations over time from both self and close acquaintances who believe in the individual, and very importantly, one’s own spiritual convictions.

For me, self-confidence keeps me composed even in pressure situations; and I have found myself in such occurrences when called upon to speak and or sing. Do I feel nervous, Oh yes I do. Over time, I have found ways to redirect the nerves, and placed the adrenaline unto the tasks at hand; thereby, always trying to give my utmost to any task. Some folks accuse me of being a perfectionist. Maybe I am, but when you find yourself in, or before crowds constantly, you must learn to channel those emotions into quality presentations more times than none.

While, self-confidence, which according to an online dictionary, is “a feeling of trust in one’s ability, qualities and judgement,” self consciousness can be destructive. Being too concerned about, how I look at that point, what are they thinking about me, and destructive thoughts such as these, can be detrimental to one’s self-confidence in moments when it is most needed.

A few suggestions to anyone who finds his or herself in a pressure public situation are:

  1. Dig within yourself to find the internal strength awaiting to be tapped.
  2. Focus on positive thoughts about yourself
  3. Remind yourself that everyone in the audience is not hoping you will mess up, some folks are actually rooting for you.
  4. Know your abilities and trust them. Preparation feeds awareness and knowledge. So, take time to prepare.
  5. Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly for as many times as possible before facing the crowd.
  6. Pray, pray and pray before, and on your way.
  7. Clad yourself so that your personal presentation will not be a distraction to you and the audience. That will cause you to focus solely on the task at hand, and reaching your audience with your performance, or message. Imagine having to fix you clothes while you are performing, or walking in front of the crowd. Ladies, we have a more difficult task in that department than our brothers.
  8. Be Confident! Believe in Yourself!

How do you cope with pressure situations? How do you build your confidence? What strategies do you engage? Your thoughts are always welcome.

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable”

Maybe my hands placement are not the best. The podium was slightly too high lol…

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