Sometimes we spend all of our time working other people’s dreams and visions while those God placed on our hearts are totally ignored, or set on a back burner!

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating because you devote so much of you to doing so many other things. While you give those other things fair efforts and commitments, there is a burning fire that never extinguishes from within. This becomes a sort of viscous cycle, because the one thing that beckons at your heart is being pushed aside incessantly.

Today, I have decided to focus more, to press on, to challenge my own status quo and not be selfish, but be more fair to my heartstrings. Respond more to that which brings me joy, learn, grow, research, and put in the work to nurture the gifts, talents, and passions given me by God. After all if there is one fact that I cannot ignore is that, life is truly short.

Daily we learn of young people dying without much warning, elders bidding the world bye bye after years of laboriously conquering living, and the in-betweens who aimlessly dilly dally through life with no hope of anything. These realities are more than enough to jolt me onward.

Then, I encounter people who took no time to find out who I really am, know nothing about my journey, about what makes me mad, glad, sad, euphoric, but behave as if they hold the blueprint of my life. Actually, that is sorta laughable when I think about it, but the serious side of me gets a bit annoyed at the ignorance being worn by my fellow humans.

I think the point is clear that time within itself doesn’t need me. I need it, and must not waste myself. On that note, I am making a pact with myself – work the gifts, harness the talents, exploit my heart’s probings and channel them all toward the Glory of God. I warn myself, be not side-tracked, remember everyone has an agenda, their agenda – so fix my eyes on God’s agenda beating within my heart. Be wise, be discerning, and be fearless too, for everything special gets opposed from time to time.

Interestingly, some people will only realize your value after your eyes have been opened to guide you away from them. May Wisdom be my guide.

What about you? Have you found yourself working other people’s plans while ignoring yours? If you do, how do you deal with this? How do you cope?

With all this said, my encouragement remains the fact that “God is still working on me”~ He is working on you too. I commend my decisions to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. By the way, this is no new year resolution eh. It is my heart’s response to my heart’s probing! 🙂

Blessings all over us!

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