No Real Bail Through Humanity – Our Surety rests in Divinity!

Today during my daily undertakings (indoors), I overheard my mother responding to a friend who passed along the road, “We have to stay far wee”; they bail you man?” This is someone who would usually drop by and converse with her tan an tan / temp-za-temp (from time to time). They laughed and I chuckled quietly, but was struck by the terminology my mother chose to use – that of “bail!”

Immediately, I thought, hmm being confined to our homes for that long, with no real knowledge of when or if life will ever come back to normal was somewhat like requiring a surety of some sort. The thing is, while our health professionals are fighting the battles at the front-lines, we are behind hoping and praying for a huge breakthrough not just in our own localities, but throughout this hurting world.

So, who is really going to bail us? We are imprisoned for the unspoken crimes of our times, those for which no real convictions were directly issued. We ponder on the fact that we are not sure who is to be blamed for those assumed crimes, who are the real criminals behind our confinements or is this just all a hopeless phenomenon that has invaded our humanity?

Actually, to my limited comprehension, those heavy questions outweigh any possibility of an answer, so that I will not attempt to even explore. One thing though, we are all seeking some kind of ‘bail’ right now.

I can almost hear it – we are bawling, “Free me of these shackles, release me, let me go, take me back to the norm – oh actually this is the new norm” – “Stay Inside”!

For how long? Well who knows? Will we ever be the same? – Who knows? Can we survive this unwarranted imprisonment? – God knows! –

 Ahhh - GOD KNOWS!

So, since God knows – one ought to wait on Him – well at least that is my conviction. Meanwhile, I see social media is being blown up with the element of blame being shoved from one to another. Christians are being blamed, ridiculed, disrespected, jeered-at and of course heavily judged by skeptics, agnostics and the supposedly more learned. Well I am quick to say, to each his / her own. Social media gives everyone a platform to be vocal, so let people do their thing pal.

Somehow, I kind of empathize with those who do not quite appreciate Christianity though especially in such a time. They are angry, and have not been able to defeat the sense of hopelessness and lack of control that have bolted them to be all cooped-up inside. We are talking about men and women who are used to running their own shows. I mean, come on – they are now prisoners in their homes too eh. So, I empathize.

Thing is though, I have learned that it is easier to look outside than to introspect. It is easier to exercise an external locus of control, than the adverse – that is humanity. So, yes I empathize. Notwithstanding it all, all of us of all walks of life are craving the same thing at this moment – “Give Me Back My FREEDOM”! I NEED a SURETY!

With the wave of bad news constantly escalating, and the exponential spread of this phenom –(C19) – I hate the name sorry), we need a Saviour. Who is going to bail us off this misery that we are all experiencing?

My conviction tells me that the only answer to this malady is a Divine Surety. A surety requiring full surrender from all and sundry, a surety who is certain of the details, but is allowing this time of great distress and uncertainty, hoping to attract the attention of us humanity. Now mark you, the Price (bail-money) has long been paid! There is no debt, but there are conditions to benefit from the source of bail. According to 2nd Chronicles 7:14 – we who are called Children of God – must humbly call on the name of the Lord, seek his face, turn from our wicked ways and allow Him to be God of our lives and undertakings of this world, – our lives on a daily basis. When sincerity prevails and emanates from our spirits and souls, God relents, and will not refuse humble and contrite hearts.

Humanity, God is calling us to Divinity – genuine lives pointed toward His authority. If we all cleave to God, He will draw closer to us. He will deliver us – but in His own time and ways. God – yes, the Creator of the World, the Master of the Universe – He has long given us the Surety (John 3:16) – We just need to believe, and live! Remember, His time and Ways are not our time and ways.

         Let us keep hope and faith alive that in    God's own time and ways - He will apply that Divine Surety for the sake of humanity.   Still, we implore - God deliver us, set us free from this imprisonment, save us from this malaise.  We so need #You our Divine Surety! 

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