A Palm Sunday of Vast Difference From That Which I Have Ever Known or Experienced!

Like many of you, I had a Palm Sunday of vast difference from that ever known.  In my entire life, never once did I ever think that I would have to endure such a solemnity indoors. 

With such strong awareness I mentally rehearsed how I’d best make that day alive and meaningful for me, as that day drew closer.

In true Sunday style, I rolled out of bed before 6:00 a.m. Having familiarized myself with the readings for the day’s mass the night before, I was ready for celebration.

So, out of the house, I went, scouted anything Palm-like, and organized my sacramental. Anything that would give me a feel of Palm Sunday, I gravitated toward and found ways to utilize them to create the atmosphere for mass – “yes our Home-Based Virtual Mass”. 

Here is a small capture of the effort to bring the Palm Sunday experience alive for me. 

Now I know during lent there is no big flower display, but during such a daunting time, the desire for color was really necessary as a mood booster for me. So, all your staunch folks, ease me up a bit oye. 🙂

I can assure you, anyone who passed along our road knew something was happening, and with much curiosity the few passersby gazed with questioning eyes and observations. That made me smile after-all. By the way, they should have all been at their homes… hm.

What captured my attention was the tremendous efforts that the faithful throughout our island made to celebrate and or observe this sacred liturgy which ushers us into this specially dubbed “Holy Week.”  – that week when we pay deeper attention to the paschal mystery of our Lord. – That perfect sacrifice of God’s only son to buy us eternal joy and happiness. (Our Surety 🙂

My timeline, WhatsApp messages and forwards were loaded with all sorts of lovely Palm Sunday gestures. Our faith was in exhibition in am amplified manner more than I’ve ever seen before. It made me proud to share such a rich faith with so many around the globe – you know, that hurting world.

Clearly, the saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…”, – ( Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell) was on blast emotionally and virtually.  Who would have thought this would be our reality? After all, we are used to jumping in our cars and heading to mass even missing the entire procession which precedes that mass, or probably always arriving late for it.  Further more, we actually are sometimes rushing to get any “green branch” to rush to the church.  Hm well maybe not you. – Me. Yes, I do not always prepare to have a unique palm. On said day, anything goes, – sometimes even nothing goes. Imagine that eh? As we would say here, ‘Magwaysah’,(What a shame, can do better than that / disgusting / shameful behavior)…

After today’s experience, if I am spared to see another Palm Sunday, my preparation will not be lackluster. I will not be taking this for granted pal. That is my solemn personal commitment. The pain of no Sunday mass was excruciating to say the least.

Once the mood was set, we got set for “Home-Church Mass.” – I mean the full works. My mom and I got dressed up – and were bang on time to savor every moment of the mass officiated by His Lordship Bishop Gabriel Malzaire. That was a first for me – Palm Sunday with Bishop. Actually, over the years, Bishop celebrated Palm Sunday mass with youth on the Saturday preceding at the annually held Diocesan Youth Rally. Unfortunately, that too was cancelled for 2020 due to that thief, C-19.

The concelebrants and the choir while practicing social distancing brought home to us a warm desire and hunger for more of what was served. Still, I missed mass. I ached and continue to ache for the gathering and the presence.  – I missed it all, – but oh I was grateful for the day’s experience. I was reminded that nothing and no one can quarantine Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God knows no boundaries, so for sure we were not alone. The Mystical Body of Christ remains alive.

Now that we have elevated our Palm Palm Sunday experience, we are ready to journey through this precious week in our faith’s calendar.  This week must epitomize every week of our lives thereafter.

Palm Sunday 2020 – will never be forgotten.  Even better, it has deepened my heart connection to God.  How about you? How was your Palm Sunday indoor experience, and how do you intend to journey through this blessed Holy Week? You may leave me your comments below – just (scroll a little more – you will find the commentary box. Thank you! – 🙂

Have yourself a spirit-filled, discipline and joyous one – in Christ our Lord.

Palm Sunday 2020

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