Can’t Quite Avoid The Long Lines. Patience and Endurance At Work During This Pandemic After-all!

So there I was standing in a line hoping to pay my water bill. DOWASCO (Dominica Water & Sewage Company) assured us that things would be put in place for a smooth process, so I took the leap.

Upon arriving there I was tempted to turn right back, and just procrastinate to another day. That would have been silly, because I’d have to endure the same thing in any case.  It may have turned out to be worst, as time drew nearer to yet another locked-down weekend.

Soooo, there I was! The line was taking a snail-like process, my stomach was growling, and oh wow the threatening sprinkle was quicly blown away by the recent gust of wind, to allow for this burst of sunshine beating upon me with hot emphasis on the right side of my body. 

The gentleman ahead of me was quite conversational, but sensitively so. I was pleased with his engagement; because, it is really just very proportional.  After all, talking behind this required face-mask is painfully breathtaking. 

As for the customer behind me? She was singing to the song “There is Power in the name of Jesus” as it rolled from her cellphone”s playlist.  Her mask meanwhile was hanging under her chin, not at all where it was made for.  I was more than a little concerned; because, she exhibited “flu-like” symptoms.  As if reading our minds, she subtly belched out that she just had a cold, not COVID-19. SMH lol.  That was a perfect and high level bold disclaimer.  It didn’t alle my concerns at all because she was not wearing that mask.  I guess she was saving it for when she arrived inside of the DOWASCO’s office – a mandatory requirement to get served anyway.

As the playlist rolled on, I gently rocked to “way maker” because it is one of my favorite songs, and after all I really could have done with a miracle at that moment.

The line slowly moved, and as people left, new customers joined behind us.  ‘Tanty’ immediately behind me, increased her volume as if protesting in song – “Way Maker, miracle worker, and though my hands were burning up, and the phone in my hands from which I drafted this entry felt like it was overheating, I got worried about the sudden dark clouds which hovered over us once more. Mentally, I may have attributed that sudden weather change to the then lone-singer. Still, who could have really blamed her? That was her coping mechanism I inferred.

Undoubtedly, I was not the only customer who prayed that the wind would keep up, because a shower of rain would have been a disaster in itself, and would have forced the need for many customers to return to this misery of enduring yet another long line on another day.

It struck me that if it rained, I would have been alright, but for the majority who commuted by bus to various parts of the North, North East and Western Districts it would have been miserable and uncomfortable, compounded by exercising COVID-19 safety measures necessary while travelling on public transportation.

Having gotten closer to destination “locked gate”, I observed how every customer who made it into the gated yard -‘ washed their hands upon entrance before being allowed into the office.

It struck me that I was really tempted to leave about an hour before. I had actually started walking away, but gave in to the calls from a few people who urged me to wait it out. By then, I was glad I stayed.

Patience won over trepidation and frustration. The constant mental nagging was over, – until next month end. DOWASCO needs to get with the times pal. I will explore options though.

Ridiculous bill paying system man. – Anyway all that is C-19 madness. 

Oh, did I mention? – All the time, big beads of sweat were running down my back… Another great reason to jump into the shower once I made it home from this long winding, scary line.

Patience Won! Yes!

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