I’m no superstar, and do not desire to be, but I believe that there are some things worthy of sharing, so, I’m trying to brave YouTube.

For many years now, I have seriously dodged and ignored the suggestions from friends, and even the mere thought of starting a YouTube channel. I mean let us be frank, YT has its superstars eh., and I am not one. Believe it or not, I’d prefer to be the “behind the scenes person” – my life however was not made to be hidden under a bushel, so I am beginning to yield to the deeper promptings.


During this pandemic, and the fact that we have been forced to isolate, the social being within kept on nagging me to do more to reach out to others. For weeks, I just ignored. Meanwhile, a hungry brain, thirsty curiosity and some unrelenting creative juices made it impossible for me to just laze, languish and be lukewarm. Can’t someone just mentally and emotionally rest? – I asked myself.

It became clear to my mind that, when I employ these desires from the gut area, a certain inexplicable emotion takes me to a large sense of fulfillment. So, having given in to all the nagging, probing, tempting calls, my YouTube channel for which I’d long designed a logo, was born.

#InfluenCeez – the name sake of this very blog was finally created and activated. Mark you, at this stage, my audio visual ability is no greater than that of a novice- if all that, but I keep hearing the latest internal mantra, as if reworded from a long time lesson taught to us by our mother “Do with what you have & do without what you do not have”; – girl Ceez, “Just start where you are, with what is available to you.” Thus the commencement of a slow, but learning and growing process – A YouTube Channel.

Though it is still in the making, my intention is to deliberate on three specific areas at this time as follows:

  1. My gluten-intolerant life
  2. Music ministry as a Praise and Worship Leader
  3. Me as a public and motivational speaker on matters of relevance including living in the state of singleness.

Maybe one will be more dominating than the other, but my goal truly is to inspire positivity and wellness in all I present.

I hereby invite you to consider being part of my journey there (YouTube). If you have not yet subscribed, I kindly ask for your support in making this a meaningful one for me and all those I intend to reach. The goal here is to promote wholesomeness amidst an often difficult life.

With these few words, I’d say – please wish me well. I actually look forward to your kind gesture of subscribing to my channel and encouraging others in your circle to do so. In that way you can be notified when new videos are uploaded.

Thank you for reading and do come again. Remember, you too should ply your trade.

May God bless you richly, love.

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