On Such Windy Days, I Struggle Emotionally – May God Heal My Memory

Throughout today, I have been emotionally challenged to keep and maintain a sense of peace and equilibrium due to the intensity of the wind. I have been reflecting that prior to experiencing hurricane Maria, I was not at all so traumatized by wind. Today, this is a whole new reality in my life, that I need to walk myself through.

A rainbow gives a sense of hope during such times!

You see, the sound, speed and strength of the wind, and the impact it had on our nation, our homes and our heads is seemingly embedded deeply within me. Interestingly, I am not at alone in this malaise. You see, while scrolling through my Facebook timeline today, I noted one friend lamenting that she was almost afraid that her roof will crumble again. She too is emotionally scarred from September 18th, 2017. Hurricane Maria did one on our memories no doubt.

Someone might be quick to ask, “Where is your faith?” I actually ask myself the very question you know. Nonetheless, I can assure you that, while my stomach hurts and churns during such experiences, it is faith that keeps me grounded and sane.

What makes this whole experience worst for me, are the many haunting sounds from the old dilapidated building toward the east and the squeaking sounds from the almost-loose zinc pieces which are seemingly incessant on such terrible windy days emanating from the old kitchen and fowl cage (s) of the neighbors. I mean, why are these things still left that way after three years by the owners?

Going forward, as this hurricane season persists, many of us will need emotional support. These are the times I really struggle, so I cling hard to my support systems because truly, no one should endure these storms alone or feeling as if they are alone. Companionship, community and gathering will make a whole difference for some of us who are forced to experience such monsters each year. Meanwhile, I pray that my memories will be healed in time and that the trauma will cease as time goes by. Lord Help Us.

How are you coping? Do you find that you are unbothered by the wind? What would you recommend to people like me who often struggle at such times with a mere announcement of yet another storm?

Let us all remain safe and emotionally sound as best as we can. #InChrist. 

Try getting yourself a prayer book for the times You do not even know what to say.  Maybe this one can help.  I think I will purchase the Kindle version.  

Emergency Prayers

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