AcademiX School of Learning is a Gem in the Town of Portsmouth! Do You Really Know AcademiX?

Last evening (4th September, 2020), I had the pleasure of interviewing the very humble and simple Mr. Heman Williams who is the proprietor, Director, and Dean of Academics of the AcademiX School of Learning. If you missed this interview, you may catch it here on my YouTube Channel. It is a view worth having!

You know how easy it is for us to take for granted the things we think we know? Somehow, I feel like that is how many of us who live at Portsmouth, Dominica may have related to the knowledge of having a new educational institution set up by a local guy here.

My curiosity however, will not allow me to just let things be, so I reached out to Mr. Williams with an offering to be my guest on the Virtual Community Dialogue. He so heartily accepted, I was kind of surprised, but pleasantly so. Well, Mr. Williams did not disappoint at all. The wealth of information he extended to viewers is worth knowing and sharing.

Now, before one assumes that he has an affluent background, Heman is a rather young man from very humble beginnings, who did not and still doesn’t allow his past to define his future. The visionary nature of the man is beyond his age if you ask me. The quality of work and education being delivered by AcademiX SOL, and the modern strategies being employed by Mr. Williams and his staff is phenomenal and trail blazing – at least for our parts of the world. I do not yet know another institution in Dominica utilizing smart interactive boards to impart knowledge to their students. I urge you to take a visit to AcademiX, and you will note that this is one of their coolest teaching strategies and tool being utilized.

It was so exciting to learn that the school does not only cater for locals and nationals, but presently has regional students enrolled. The ability to offer both CSEC and CAPE options to students is also something to note, and clearly, one should not be surprised if later this institution, as humble and growing as it is, introduces more advanced-level tertiary education. Undoubtedly, with his vision and love for education on a whole, Director – Heman Williams will pursue further heights.

Personally, my hope is that this noble but very necessary institution in our town and nation will receive all the support to grow into what it should. Hopefully, one day AcademiX School of Learning will have its own campus, and will be embraced by all and sundry. Meanwhile, Possie, let us rally behind what is homegrown, – the actual brain child of a local man.

Hats-off to Mr. Heman Williams, and his small and hard working team. Truth be told, I feel like they make school sound exciting. Youth and young adults need to take full advantage of this opportunity being afforded in the town. Pay them a visit, or give them a call. They are usually swift with response.

Support ours DA / – Support this Gem! Possie, AcademiX School of Learning is ours too! Let us promote and embrace it more.

By the way this is the way we should be going. Hoping our institutions can call invest in such boards in this technological age.

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