Today Mickael Ferrol Took Me To Nostalgia; I Couldn’t help but Journal About This!

Today, I listened to and viewed Mickael Ferrol, among many of the creative expressions of Dominica’s Youth through the Virtual Youth Explosion organized by the Diocesan Youth Commission, and I was nostalgic. The event certainly was worth watching, and the talent of our Dominican youth are phenomenal.

Nostalgia captured me because I have known this young man for many years. As a younger man, he was full of life, while he played a significant role in my work on the Northern District where I worked as a District Youth Officer for more than 12 years.

Mickie, as I affectionately call him spoke of his spiritual and social journey toward him becoming the exceptional young, faith-filled – family man that he is today. His faith journey chronicled as a shortened version was inspiring. The encouragement that it extended to me got me reflecting on the fact that I still have more to give to this world as long as I am allowed to do so.

His message challenged me to ponder about whether I should quit on so many people and things that I am tempted to abandon lately. Like a breath of fresh air, he reminded me of what matters in life – the bigger picture of serving God and lighting a fire where hearts need to feel the excitement of serving Jesus. The need for energy, power, and prayer to spread the word of God to and fro. At least I have tried, and have been doing a bit of this, but not without some challenges.

One thing is for sure, God never sleeps and He gives us what we need just when we do. His mention of the work I have done before didn’t make me feel proud, but it certainly boosted my confidence in knowing that my journey was not in vain. It reminded me that regardless of the subtleties of man, God will speak through others for and me. Amazing – how God never sleeps nor slumbers.

To say that I didn’t feel emotional watching this gem of a young man, would be a lie. Mickie exudes a certain level of authenticity, one that is lacking in many circles around here. So, I was happy to be inspired.

It is really important to seek encouragement from authentic sources in your down times. That is what Mickael Ferrol did for me today, and I am grateful. The icing on the cake was the two renditions he offered – both of which are his own compositions: “God is in Control & JESUS Time”. These two songs brought me much joy over the years. They sounded just as fresh when he and his group sang them today. Indeed, God is in Control, and there is no better time than that of Jesus.

If you have not seen him beat the drum, well you have missed a lot. This multi-talented young man is now also a keyboardist, but prior to this, the Dominican traditional drum similar to the djembe, and his vocal folds were the main instruments he harnessed. He is worth following for sure!

By the way, Mickie taught me the basics of playing these. Keep up the blessed work bro.

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