What’s In A Name? What Do You Answer To?

I have to ask, because it concerns me that names could have strong implications on people’s life outcomes.  Today during my morning walk, I overheard one young man called out to another in an alias that startled me.  My first thought was, did the other one actually answer to the name? 

Just hearing the name had me pondering about the effects negative names can possibly have on a person.   Somehow, I have heard of people called “killer, killa, dog, dawg “, and a whole long list of madness.   Mark you, growing up as a child, I have also been given names too, and I do recall that there is one which I have answered to.  Looking back now, I would not have ever answered to this name, though to date, I have not at all fallen prey to any known negative effects thus, still mentally I reject any such possibility of me manifesting any such signs of the meaning of that name.

If we think about it, in scriptures, names meant something.  Christ means – the Anointed one, while the name Sarah means “lady, princess, noblewoman” in Hebrew, and Isaac which is from the Hebrew name יִצְחָק (Yitzchaq) meaning “he will laugh, he will rejoice”, derived from צָחַק (tzachaq) meaning “to laugh”.  If we were to explore names of modern day, maybe we would find a whole lot of concerning meanings after all. 

So, what is in a name really?  I personally believe that names are powerful.  Even more, I am convinced what is requiring consideration is what an individual chooses to answer to.  You see, someone can call you a name, but you can choose to respond or not.  To say YES, is to affirm, to give credence to something.  To ignore and even rebuke in some cases is also very powerful. 

Words are powerful.  What do you answer to?  What’s in your name?  Where we were given a name by our parents in our hopelessness, we had no choice. When we are adults, and are financially able to legally change a hated name, we can change it to something more desirable.  On the adverse, when you are able to determine what you answer to, you can respond in the affirmative to or totally reject a name loaded with negativity and dark energies or meanings.

My point is simply that one should speak words of life into his or her life or that of their children.  Reject the curses and embrace blessings.  What do you answer to?  Ever thought about – what’s in Your name?   

I am amazed to find a book with names and their meanings too. If you are parent, have you ever consulted one in choosing names for your children? I think this could also be a good gift idea for someone having or thinking of having a child for sure. Meanwhile, watch that name please.

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