(WO)Man Proposes and God Disposes – Happy Birthday Ceez – Still

Today I celebrate my birthday. Before the day began, my youngest big brother called and extended “Happy Earth strong” to me. I was really moved by his gesture and expression of love and deep care. My best friend later messaged expressing the joy of our friendship and that warmed my heart. Truth be told, I anticipated the new day with excitement.

Well well well, the fact that I took today off work was definitely an indication of my plans to make the best of the day. Granted I had no concrete plans, I was urged to consider doing something enjoyable nonetheless. So, I awoke this Friday with the hope of a relatively dry day. Oh well, I was dead wrong, because today proved to be nothing close to being a sunny and dry day.

After morning prayers with my mom, I proceeded to the kitchen to fix some pancakes (mine is usually gluten free). Two were enough for me. Prior to that my mom was kind enough to offer me a cup of brewed local black coffee. – one of the few coffees that does me no harm as a person who generally cannot handle caffeine. – (Coffee is just an occasional thing for me).

After breakfast I realized my desires and plans for the day were not possible, so I went to sleep. Yes sleep – I sorta slept the frustration away. 😱

It took a phonecall from my brother Markie stationed in Cypress to get me up. It was certainly an appreciated moment. We talk weekly mainly on Sundays, so a Friday call from my second big brother was special. He always brings a smile coupled with laughter.

It was after our call that I mustered the inner strength to get up and get some chores done. One of the best part of my day then, was the time spent in the trickling rain caring for my home garden. The crops and flowers I desired to care for after much procrastination is now accomplished. Oh, I even harvested a few bell peppers from my garden.

Apart from all the much appreciated love expressed by hundreds of my family and friends today, the time spent in the rain doing a bit of agriculture was my favourite time.

There is something therapeutic about touching the soil, planting or transplanting crops and or flowers and cleaning a weed covered patch. The coolness of the grainy, light, but steady rain soothed my mind too. Afterall, I was a bit frustrated over the dreary look of the day.

After a shout from the neighbor that I should consider getting out of the rain lest I get sick, my warm shower, late lunch (more like dinner) followed by a warm glass of tasty Red Wine, contributes to a sense of coziness again. The day’s plan has been turned upside down, but God disposes; because, He knows what is best.

Am I grateful? Yes, I am. Gratitude is what I feel for being alive. This blessed day, I surrender all my plans and desires to God’s unchanging and loving hands. To His disposal, I lay it all down.

Happy Birthday to me still! 🙂 Happy Happy Birthday Ceez!

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