Grab Your Copies of These Two eBooks At A Really Discounted Price. Support The Art!

I always wanted to write a book, and found that it was possible at a time when I was reading many books mainly to pass exams and excel in pursuit of an academic achievement. Kind of weird timing if you ask me, but yea, as a matter of fact, both books were written during my time of studies.

Well, that was a bit of time ago right, and then the third came. Lazily I have procrastinated at launching the newest – but I suspect this will not be for too long again.

Before sharing it with the world, I would like to take the opportunity share with all of you this opportunity to acquire both books in e-book (kindle) formats at a fairly discounted price as of Wednesday 21st October, to Tuesday 27th October, 2020. You can acquire both books for less than $5.00, or you can opt in for just one. Which ever way is fine.,aps,195&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=influenceezwp-20&linkId=e4896b4a9717f1f77d87ec9bb9827b0d&language=en_US,aps,195&sr=8-2&linkCode=ll1&tag=influenceezwp-20&linkId=0a9b26c54136a95d1e2676bbb7142482&language=en_US

Do note that: The above links are paid links since I am an Amazon Associate. Thank you for the support and kind consideration.

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