What’s In Your Eyes? Love, Smiles, Hope, Hugs, Pain,…?

Never before has our eyes been so valuable and necessary. How often have we taken for granted this gift which forms and plays a vital part in our daily lives.

An organ some possess, but cannot enjoy the benefits of the pictures it daily presents us with. For the visually challenged, we know that some other senses of your body may be exponentially more alert and sharp than that of those of us who can see with our eyes. We fully respect that about you.

The infiltration of Covid-19 in this world now demands that free-breathing human being must now filter and somewhat inhibit that flow – “wear a mask or…” (i) get charged, (ii) pay a fine, (iii) go to jail, (iv) catch Covid-19 – I mean come on, we were not born to wear a barrier to our breathing, but mask we must wear. That was not our culture here in the western world at all.

Since its inevitability, we are most times subjected to seeing only the eyes, of those we meet bearing their masks. Just to back track; growing up in Possie, I knew at least two men who wore masks, but not for or because of a dreaded disease like Covid-19. The famous Shawshow, and Mr. Friendly (the late). Oh well, they were definitely the exceptions. Today, we wear masks because be it enforced or not, is is “The Rule”. What a travesty!

This reality affirms the truth that our eyes are more valuable than ever before. The eyes must now be our smile-bearer, it must transmit all our emotions for that matter; because, the rest of our facial expressions are fully hidden. Now all we see are the eyes of the other party. Did you notice your friends’ eyes that much before? Were you able to see them with such need for contact? Maybe you mainly avoided eye-contact before?

Right now, eye-contact is everything. The eyes are everything – one of the greatest gifts today. Like science fiction, except so real – we hug, laugh, cry, smile and speak through those eyes. I am grateful for these eyes.

Some 19 years ago I wrote a poem about the eyes – little did I know – it would have been so relevant to today’s challenges. I think I will record this and post it onto my YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile, what kind of masks do you guys prefer or wear? I think I want to learn to make my own masks pretty soon too.

Meanwhile, as an amazon associate, I am sharing a few interests in masks that you may find helpful. If you check them out, thank you a lot for the support! Bless ya.

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