Let Me Write It With & / For You!

Over the years, I have written several letters of recommendation for individuals and have watched them emerge with great success, either winning a scholarship to support their tertiary education, or to acquire a job. Many have gone on to become professionals in their fields.

Further, I have drafted, crafted, edited and submitted successful Curriculum Vitae or Resumes and Letters of Application for others, never short of seeing them soar to higher heights. Granted, it takes more than these for someone to land a job or win a scholarship, but no one can dispel the fact that a strong CV accompanied by a well written letter of application catches the attention of an interviewer and or potential employer.

Additionally, over the last few years, I have authored three (3) non-fiction books, which can be easily found on Amazon.com in both kindle and paperback formats. My most recent book was published just earlier this new year in January of 2021. It is a compilation of poems I have written over the years.

Most recently, someone sought my service to prepare a CV and Letter of Application, and was so satisfied with the quality and timely delivery of the documents, I was encouraged to consider offering these services as a small business to people who may need it. It is on that note that I hereby throw my hat into the large ring of the business world.

Among others, I hereby offer the services highlighted in the flyer. One is free to contact me for further information. Thank you, if you take the time to share the information with others. I welcome your business too!

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