Meet Ceez :)

I am a recent graduate of the Midwestern State University.

During my study period, I authored my first book: “What’s On Your Mind? – The Diary of an Esteemed Woman.” This should tell you that, writing and reading are skills I cherish and aspire to build upon.
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I have a passion for music – thus the singer and percussionist in me. Meanwhile, the virtue of faith is a key element in my life. It seems hard to separate living from having a faith foundation.

Youth development has been a priority for me over the years. It is for this reason that among many, young men and women are of key interest to me. The fact that they are NOW is important to me.

Finally, I love family, friends, and people in general and subscribe to the thought as projected and promoted by author Matthew Kelly, that I should work at “Becoming the Best Version of Myself.”

It is my hope that you will do likewise.

God bless


8 thoughts on “Meet Ceez :)

  1. It’s a pleasure meeting you, Ceez! Looking forward to more. I wish you well as you edit your upcoming book. I’m building my team of editors as we speak – networking, networking, networking! God Bless!

  2. Congratulations! Way to go, girl, that’s amazing! Pray that all goes wonderfully well for you. I will send out the great news to all family and friends I am connected with.

    Much more blesssings, always.


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