The Author – Ceez!

It's now Paperback & at

So Yes, you may purchase a copy at: or at in paperback form, or check below for how you can get the EBook version. Yay, You’ve got Choices. Glad I can offer that.
Be blessed today.

My Smashwords Profile:
Sample and or Purchase book at:

WE use what gifts given us by God, to make a difference in the world!
Let God be praised now and forever.

In Christ, the art, and mental expressions



2 thoughts on “The Author – Ceez!

  1. This is really great news. Welcome to the line of distinguished publishers! I had no idea you were an author! I read the resume of your book and it is very interesting! I will inform you when I have bought a copy! I am happy for you dear Ceez! God is using you to bring forth his word in ways that are palatable to this present generation!

    Thanks for your inspiration! I am also working on my first publication!

    God’s peace and blesings

    • It is good getting such endorsement from you Father.
      And I would more than like to read your own work as well.
      Keep writing, I have heard you preach several times, so I do know
      that you have a lot to share with the world and God’s people.

      You are Blessed!!!

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