Peace begins with – love?

Throughout my lifetime, I have heard of various riots from around the world.  I even recall writing about the London Riot some years ago, since it drew the attention of many nations.  Probably, I never envisioned us having such similarities particularly with the vandalism and looting which occurred.  Today, I lament about the scare, and fear felt from having had a sleepless night on Tuesday 7th February, 2017.   Seemingly what was a peaceful daytime protest was marred by the likes of a serious riot in our City from early evening into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.   This resulted in the horrendous burning of enterprises there.  These acts resemble a real lack of love that is currently plaguing our island on a wider scale.


One can’t help but to realize that there is a serious blame-game now ensuing between people of different political and other persuasions.  Sadly, none of the blame game will bring our nation healing and peace.   For a long time, I was left with little if any words to express about how I felt and somehow still feel today about the events.  Two things, however, come to mind:

  1.  That which I posted on my Facebook page the following day,
  2. and the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

Let me begin with the latter.               Prayer of St Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

More than ever, we need this prayer.  It is my belief that our leaders must be held to present to the electorate a higher standard of responsibility and behavior across the board. It is also my belief that our people are quickly becoming more and more volatile, where problem solving efforts are given second place, and rantings are amplified into violent acts.  Granted, I am in no position to downplay the frustrations of some of the people.  However, does it mean that frustration is a good excuse to vandalize establishments, hurt innocent people and disrespect the law and order of a land?   My conclusions took me to Matthew Kelly’s expressions on Freedom, as follows with my own thoughts:

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“Freedom is not simply the circumstances that allow you to do whatever you want. Freedom is not only the opportunity to choose. Freedom is the strength of character to choose and to do what is right. With that in mind, our age is not an age of freedom, but an age of slavery. It is subtle, but it is real. The foundation of freedom is not power or choice. Freedom is upheld not by men and women in government, but by people who govern themselves.” – Matthew Kelly

#SelfControl #Discernment #PersonalMentalStrength #EmotionalIntelligence Rare rare rare. For to be that is adverse to the bacanal-seekers who seek to lure all and sundry into their plot.

One must pray for discernment and not allow people to use him / her to carry out their malicious and in some cases selfish agendas.

Ofcourse many will seek to place guilt trips on others for declining or rejecting their perspectives. Interestingly, many of them who accuse others of ‘apathy’ are extremely apathetic themselves in other important spheres of life. Besides all of us are not made for the same things.
#RespectBeTheKey #BeYou #WeBeWe

What aches most is that we are all seeking to protect the same Nation. Why can’t we teach our people to respect that which they may not necessarily like. To bait anarchy and “uprising” in a small Caribbean nation in a time like this when the world is unstable, is subtly contrary to that which we claim to desire.

As a Youth Worker, a Youth Enthusiast I feel sad that many of our young people may be ladden with the blame of what has occurred in our City. Granted people should be able to make their decisions, but many ‘leaders’ in the world advantageously erode the potentials of the unsuspecting vulnerable to empower.

#IHaveNoTimeForColor #ILoveDominica #IHurtOverThisLatestTrend#LetUsSaveOurYoungPeople #IStandForPeaceAndDominica

Are you concerned about Dominica and its political atmosphere today?   What do you recommend?   Feel free to share.

As for me, in addition to my advocacy here, I have taken the liberty to pen a letter to the men and women we have all empowered with our suffrage.  It is my hope that, this will be considered seriously.  If you would like a copy of that letter, please inbox me, and I will send you a copy, as I am now asking people to do likewise.  The more voices of concern, the better.  Subscribe to my blog and I will send you a PDF of that letter. 

Your Youth Matters

Dear Young Friend,  Your Youth Matters!  Yes, it does.


If you don’t mind, I would like to share a few things with you.  Do you feel as if you just want to let go of this life and run away?  Do you feel as if the world has placed a really heavy burden or weight on your shoulder?  Maybe you feel as if you cannot trust anyone, and that if you risk opening up to someone about the things that trouble your mind, the next thing you will receive is harsh judgement, violation of your trust and a terrible breach of your personal confidence.

It is likely that for a large proportion of you reading this post; however young you may feel, the answer to at least one of the above questions is likely to be in the affirmative – “Yes.”  If this is the case for you, or there is a possibility that you know someone who may be experiencing a similar situation, let me implore your indulgence.

Your Youth Matters – really it does.  Youth by the way is a concept, it is not merely the period between childhood and adulthood.  According to UNESCO  –“Youth” is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence and awareness of our interdependence as members of a community. Youth is a more fluid category than a fixed age-group.  However, age is the easiest way to define this group, particularly in relation to education and employment. Therefore “youth” is often indicated as a person between the age where he/she may leave compulsory education, and the age at which he/she finds his/her first employment…”  

So, for many of you reading this, you can relate to UNESCO’s perspective on youth.  If not, you certainly know someone within this category.  So, help me to help them understand that – their “Youth does Matter”.    To substantiate my belief that Your Youth Matters let me say:

  1.  Youth is fleeting:  Each day we grow older, as a matter of fact, by the seconds we add more age to our existence.  There is no need to waste it worrying about what could have been, what might be, what may happen.  It would be best to use the time given to you to your advantage, for when it is gone, it will never return.  Use the time wisely, in meaningful activities, making well calculated decisions.
  2. Your Experiences are Shaping you:  Certainly all the things you experience in this life are not pleasant.  Some of them are actually horrible, and unfair to you.  A whole lot of these life experiences you are not even responsible for.  Maybe it is just the environment you were born into, the unfairness of parents, the rudeness of pairs, the disrespect from others.  Let me assure you that these things are contributing to your molded self.  As we exist, we are being molded.  If your shape is being badly bent  thereby making you feel as if you are being broken badly, see these experiences as catalysts to a better adulthood.  How you relate to them can have serious implications to the adult you can become.   Don’t all them to rid you off your sweetness as hard as that can be.
  3. Your Youthful Voice is Powerful:  So, I know my efforts to convince you that the ‘bad’ things that happen to you in life can be meaningful.  If that is hard to believe, let me try to tell you that your voice and that of your peers are powerful sources for change.  You can and should articulate the things that bother you.  You can and should expose those negative elements and horrible humans who mistreat, disrespect and violate your beautiful youthfulness.  Use that voice – Yes, speak your truth.  You can do that any how you feel best.  Through your artistry – music, drawing, dance, poetry, song, dramatization and the list goes on.  What works for you, Work it to speak your truth.  Youth, your voice is so powerful.  Never underestimate that.
  4. Do NOT allow your youth to be robbed by worry:  Worry is a grand enemy.  It has the power to steal your joy, to snatch your ability to happily laugh a good joke and to preoccupy your mind.  When that happens, you will not remember that you are indeed Young, and should be Happy.  Despite the pains and pangs of this life, I want to urge you to smile (mark you I am still learning to smile).  Let me urge you to laugh, to laugh hard, until you cry, until your tummy hurts you.  Roll on the floor, with elevated feet and hands if you need to.  No need to sit in the trap of worry-zone.  What a bitch this thing called worry.  Rebuke that brute.  Yes, I said it, Rebuke it daily.  Think happy thoughts instead.
  5. Finally, Your Youth is Synonymous to Energy:  Positive Energy.  So, do not allow fear of judgement by others to distract your ability to get up and move.  Exercise your brain, your body, and even your tongue when needs be.  If you are hurting, find someone to talk to, unload yourself, and reject the fear of “what might they think?”  Once you can do that, you will find that, you have regained a level of energy and strength.  Use that energy wisely though.  Do not expend it in negative activities.  Rather, use it to create a positive impact on your peers, family, church, community and even your school.  Do what it takes to harness positive energy.

Clearly, this is  just a drop in the bucket as to what “Your Youth Matters” really mean.  None the less, it is my hope that you can and will have a better appreciation for this time of your life; thereby making the most and best of it.

It would be wonderful reading your thoughts on this matter.

May you be richly blessed today.

Faith amidst world madness!

p10406372017 has begun with many new developments. A new President for the United States, a new program plan on the job, new orders being signed by D.Trump, new daily news, new shocking observations as pertains to our own nations’s development. New, new new.

Amidst the newness, I suspect there is a level of trepidation that is plaguing various sectors of our world, and our citizenry here in Dominica. This, coupled with deep uncertainty of what this year will bring make it difficult for the average peace-loving, justice-seeking and carefree-world-citizen to relax and hope that all will fall in place for the good of the majority.

The Wall, the threat to hike taxes on Mexican imports, the disagreement about paying or not paying for that wall, the rumors of the CBI (Citizenship By Investment) program, the constant political noises blurring through cars, and homes tuned in to various radio stations and television channels here at home all cloud our focus. Then, there are the frequent horrible deaths, the all too many vehicular accidents, violations of people’s rights and freedoms, the harassment of patrons to our land by a minority and dishonoring of our Tourism Industry, and heck the list can just go on and on.

Is there any form of positivism to tap into? Maybe some will argue, that there is some of that covertly existing in some of the aforementioned challenges. So, maybe there is some hope there. But alas, one must look elsewhere for an assurance, a solid source of hope, a strong wall to lean on, an investment one can take to the above-the-world’s largest bank and indeed an accident-free and incident-free environment. Is there such a thing existing anywhere in our world, or in our little island?

To answer this, I will tap into the definition of FAITH – (Forgetting All In Trust of HEAVEN)! The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So, one must be aware of what is going on in our world; certainly, but must keep his or her eyes on an existing realm beyond the tangible, edible, and legible. To entrust one’s energies to the debris of this life, is to forfeit many a grace, strength and hope for a better place, time, and space.

Simply put, I cannot put my trust in things of this world, for all these things will eventually come to nought. They will vanish, man will lose his power, woman will lose her charm, leaders will fall, change, be changed, be replaced, lose their voice, be made humble, and death will steal some away. God in His Majesty will remain. Thus, I look to this unchanging Hand! I look to God amidst this world’s drama. FAITH persists. Not that I will not see troubles, or experience personal challenges.  When they come though, I will be able to dig deeply toward a place of abundant grace and peace.

Hope you can faithfully join me on our quest toward a higher standard of life way beyond this fleeting world. What say you?

Be Blessed!

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Hello 2017 – I see you alright!


15747920_10154114637750965_8752608913585676792_nWith approximately five hours left in 2016, one cannot help but start structuring the best way to eye the new year 2017.  Notwithstanding the fact that no one knows what is in store for humanity on this earth during the upcoming year, one cannot help but muster up a spirit of Hope.

 One of the best ways I think a person should anticipate the new year is with a high expectation of positivism.  This will enable life-giving thoughts, and responses during challenging moments. After all, every year brings with it, its own forms of trials and troubles.  A spirit of positivism will constantly rejuvenate the joyful juices which lies within the faithful.

As for resolutions, I am really not talking about these.  All I want at this point is to begin the new year in the presence of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God, along with his faithful.  That complemented by thoughts of positivism will enable the perfect start to an uncertain year and future.  One thing is for certain, while we know not what the future holds, it is comforting to know who holds the actual future.  With that knowledge, I entrust it all to God, who is with us.

Dear reader, whatever your desires, goals, resolutions if you have any, and or plans for the new year are, I pray you entrust them all to Him who is All-Powerful.  Once you have done that, I invite you to join me in waving 2016 good by, while looking ahead toward 2017 with a resounding – “Hello 2017 from the other side – I see you alright!.”

God bless you and yours in 2017 and have a Happy Year from start to end.


National Youth Policy Review – Panel Discussion

Kind greetings to you and thank you for visiting.  Below are two links to a Panel Discussion moderated by me in which Youth Consultant and Expert – Mr. Henry Charles and Chief Youth Development Officer – John Roach were panelists.

I invite you to listen and or view the discussion and feel free to share your thoughts on the subject matter.

This matter concerns all of us, but especially Dominica’s youthful population which happens to be a significant proportion of our citizenry.

Panel Discussion: National Youth Policy Review – Dominica

Part two of the discussion – #767NYP

What are your thoughts on the establishment and implementation of the National Youth Policy’s Plan of Action?

Thank you for viewing and visiting.  Blessings.


World in Crisis – Oh Easy-liver

P1000004.JPGWorld in major crisis!  What has gone wrong?  A lack of peace, with an intense increase in the presence of war is plaguing various corners of this space we call the human home.  Mother earth is bawling from the deepest recesses of her belly complements the wickedness of humanity itself.   Interestingly, everyone who perpetuates, and or promotes the violence believes he or she is acting justly, rightly and is pleasing the self and his or her god.

The confusion is inexplicable to the average easy-liver.  The Easy-liver is someone who just wants to be allowed to live his or her life without fear and threat of being cut down innocently by some extremist.  This type of individual pursues tranquility in the simple things of life, consciously avoids complications, and would like to travel the world, simply to behold the splendor of its creator.

The easy-liver wants to dine tasting various cuisine, is curious about the languages spoken in distant lands and is itching to try their own tongue at conversing with the natives of those lands.  The easy-liver is curious, and is hungry for the sublime.  After all when life was less advanced, and industrialization was null, the sublime was the real deal.   Has sublimity been completely eradicated from this crazy world?

Supposedly, the easy-liver is unrealistic, seemingly even prehistoric.  To desire such old-fashioned lifestyle seems crazy in this chaotic world in any case.  Many travelers may say it is no longer fun taking an airplane from one country to another. The security measures are demanding, the mere fear of sitting in an aircraft with an undiscovered lunatic is lurking, and then the hassle of getting through some immigration officers despite owning clean slates are inescapable.

Speaking of violence and wars – one may be tempted to look at distant shores.  Lately, our close neighbors are daily under fire.  The stories of shootings are horrific; the anger being perpetuated by some fractions of that US Society is scary, because cliche has it that when the US sneezes, we in our region catch the cold.  Hopefully, we can vaccinate our region utilizing created and existing tools, including a strong regional bond.  Nonetheless, we must remain aware, and pray for the lands which surround us.

As if we are bringing to reality the known fact that “history repeats itself”, there is a feeling of anxiety among easy-livers; because systems of the past which caused mass murders in the world are now front and center page issues.  Racism, religious differences and disrespect for human freedoms are upfront.  Who would have thought that in a world so technologically advanced that is it now seen as a global village, people would be seeking to build walls of destruction?  As if the world has totally regressed, and that regression is showing its ugly face through the anger and violence being displayed by various sects and factions.  Arguably, maybe the world never advanced from its state of confusion, but was just band aiding some deep wounds for centuries as if hypocritically.

Today, the world itself is yearning for the ability to grasp a sigh of relief from all that drama.  Sadly, man seems unwilling to allow that woman to breathe freely.  For the easy-liver, the resolution should be to keep living as best as possible within the existing chaotic world, for to stop living is to die emotionally and physically.  To all easy-livers, keep living as best as you can.  Besides, easy-livers must defy these deadly odds.