Drum Beats

Exploring Life’s Beats: This is a medium to share thoughts, express ideas, and explore life’s unfolding.
It is a place to create, and grant opportunities to unfurl wrapped-up conceptions.

It is with this in mind that I say: WELCOME!
The fact that you have arrived here at this blog means that you have a “Life.”
Each of us has a beat, each person has a dream, a desire, and a hope for stability, balance and a steady pace.

When I speak of Life’s Cadences, I speak of:
The rhythmic flow of the human soul. The burning desire for Balance that we all share.
Though each person’s beat may sound slightly different, there is a great commonality in each of us.
The fact that we all hold the drum – given to us by our maker, and are being called to create melody.
Some days our melodies are wonderful, and other days they are horrible. Still we desire to be known for a steady-vibe, a steady beat, a steady rhythm – a steady cadence. It takes some work for us to get to that place.

Over time, words from one of my favorite authors,in the person of Matthew Kelly have resonated with me. He says: “Until we discover our essential purpose, nothing makes sense, and we wander around aimlessly, slowing being numbed into lives of quiet desperation.” If you have sometimes found yourself in that place, if it happens to you intermittently, and or if you desire to avoid such a malady at all costs, this blog is for you. Age is no factor, – what matters is your own, distinct, respectable Cadence. So again, Welcome!

Here, I intend to focus on key aspects of life which border on the Cadences of our humanity. According to Wiktionary, cadence refers to several things but interestingly all very key vibrations of life, to include the following: Cadence refers to:
“– Balance, rhythmic flow;
— the measure or beat of movement;
— the general inflection or modulation of the voice;
— (And among those I really like is) — the rhythm and sequence of a series of actions…”

Hopefully dear reader, you are getting the picture I am seeking to develop. The portrait will seek to capture key components of life, which creates our Cadences. Broadly, matters of our emotions, intellects, physics, spirituality and social movements will be merged in an effort to help us construct cadences of class, balance, melody, knowledge, and wisdom. Being a drummer of the “Tabou-Bele” (similar to djembe / but drum traditional to my island) I can relate to the throbbing of a steady beat; being a singer I have a melody that releases itself when I feel limitless seeking to vocally soar. It is with that background that I seek to reveal my internal unique accent by writing.

I am no expert in any such field and it is not my intention to project that I hold all life’s answers, but I am an expert of my own drum, my own music-maker, an expert in the cultivation of my personal cadence. It is from there, and from that of people of interests that I will draw, in a hope of sharing with you.

With this I again say – Welcome to “Over-standing: – The Steady Exploration of Life’s Cadences.” Sharing your perspectives is really welcomed.

With Kindness,

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Want a drum? The Djembe is Still one of my dream drums 🙂

I am still learning to play this instrument.

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