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Throughout my lifetime, I have heard of various riots from around the world.  I even recall writing about the London Riot some years ago, since it drew the attention of many nations.  Probably, I never envisioned us having such similarities particularly with the vandalism and looting which occurred.  Today, I lament about the scare, and fear felt …

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World in major crisis!  What has gone wrong?  A lack of peace, with an intense increase in the presence of war is plaguing various corners of this space we call the human home.  Mother earth is bawling from the deepest recesses of her belly complements the wickedness of humanity itself.   Interestingly, everyone who perpetuates, and …

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One week ago, on a program “Ceez-the-Moment” which I recently began hosting on the PossieVibrations Radio within the Town of Portsmouth, I focused on the song – “A Woman’s Worth” by a new Female Calypsonian – Mrs. Sherian Parillon Letang – De Elektra – (Her Calypso name). Our discussion focused on the importance of knowing …

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