Your help is Needed to purchase necessary Seismic Instruments for our Dominica? This is an urgent Need which can benefit our Region! Give Today

If you have any knowledge of Dominica our Nature Isle, we know that we are surrounded by at least 9 volcanoes.  Added to this awareness, is the reality of the frequent and unnerving earth-shakes that we experience.

In 2004, many of us became a bit more aware of this phenomenon after suffering from the horror of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that affected the island, especially the northern part for quite a while with hundreds of horrible aftershocks.  portsmouth catholic churchLately, the shakes have been a bit too frequent for comfort, still we live on.  Actually, we must live on shake or no shake until God says otherwise right?

With these facts, we must continue to learn how to prepare for earthquakes, and our nations needs to prepare to give early warnings to its citizens.  Well, actually, our region needs to do just that as well.

Two days ago, I stumbled upon an email from the head of the Public Seismic Network Inc. – Wayne Abraham, and noticed that there is a fund-raiser ongoing to purchase instruments to monitor earthquakes around the island.   A GoFundMe campaign is on thus.  Click the above link or right here: for more information about this crucial campaign.

It is important to note that this organization has been existing for more than twenty years, and has been registered for the last eighteen.  In speaking with Mr. Abraham, who has been monitoring seismic activities independently for many years in Dominica, I further learned that the goal is to purchase at least ten (10) low cost sensors.  Seemingly, a high quality sensor costs about US$6000.00.   He indicated that the ideal number of sensors needed to cover the island is twenty-five (25), and that ten is really the mere minimum.

The goal is to ensure that four of these sensors will be placed around Morne-au-diable Volcano, and six will be scattered in the southern part of the island to monitor 7 volcanoes.   Additionally,  to ensure safety, and access of these sensors, secure housing with power, and internet will be sought as locations to place these monitors.  This will protect them against weather effects and theft or vandalism.  Thus, people willing to house these sensors will be a positive toward their placements.  A key detail worth noting is that, once the sensors are up and running, they will facilitate the setting up of an early warning system that can hit our phones and or email boxes once set up.

Though this is no fun subject, it is a necessity and is the business of each of us.  I suggest we take some time to make it our concern and support a noble and worthy cause that could benefit us and our families in the long run.  Every little cent will take this closer to its target and goal (s) acquisition.

We know first hand, the pain of earthquake destruction.  If we can mitigate impacts through greater awareness, that would be life-safe-guarding for all of us.

Some brief information about Mr. Wayne Abraham follows:  dscf5011

“Mr Abraham, a graduate of the Portsmouth Secondary School, is self-taught in the field of Seismology and has developed great proficiency in electronics after pursuing correspondence courses in the field. He understands very well the geological make up of Dominica and for over three decades has developed a passion for Seismic monitoring, weather events and emergency communications.

This passion was fueled by the events of 1998 when Dominica experienced the Seismic crisis in the south of the island. Mr Abraham is a great resource in the field of IT and this has equipped him to develop varying networks which are of high value to the community and Dominica. In 1998 he contributed to writing the communication plan for the South Dominica Volcanic Plan and also initiated the creation of the Dominica Public Seismic Network (DPSN).

The DPSN has amassed a wealth of analyzed data on Seismic activities on Dominica and elsewhere and has been a point of information and reference for students, seismic enthusiasts, professionals and institutions such as but not limited to personnel from the Office of Disaster Management, Portsmouth University in Great Britain, California State University, University of Texas and UWI Seismic Research Centre (SRC).

In 2007, Mr Abraham received formal training in Seismic data exchange and tsunami warnings. In 2009 during a heightened seismic crisis in the north of Dominica, Mr Abraham worked with UWI SRC to invest in and install monitoring instruments to monitor earthquakes beneath the Morne Aux Diable volcano. He played a pivotal role in the maintenance and operation of this monitoring network until its destruction by Hurricane Maria in 2017. In 2014 Mr. Abraham received further training in Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation. He currently runs a 24 hour earthquake and Tsunami monitoring facility at his private residence in Portsmouth… – This link can take you to the fund raiser!


Universal Children’s Day

Today is recognized as Universal Children’s Day.  An annual event observed “to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children.”   I urge you to join in the #worldchildrensday event on social media, as I intend to do likewise.   Obviously, the need to observe such a day is much bigger than merely participating in a hashtag event.    FB_IMG_1515539337898     At this moment, if anything special is being done here in Dominica to observe the day let us contribute in whatever way possible.  I believe creating the awareness of the need to protect, preserve and defend children and their rights should be a priority throughout the world, no less in the nature isle.

Today in our island, many children are still disadvantaged, the rights of a sizable number are still being violated, some are being used, abused and misused by adults, parents, friends of families, siblings, fellow-students, and just downright heartless humans.  Some are also being refused through neglect, and advantaged through verbal and psychological mischief.  Meanwhile, we still grapple with the pains of not having sufficiently stringent laws that complement the need to meet the mandate to protect all children.    Continue reading

Protect Our Children! Penalize the Perpetrators

P1070759            Child Sexual Abuse – is a real and deadly phenomenon in our land.  Hiding it under a bushel will not do us any good, and our future generations will be unproductive if we fail to protect them.  The societal impact will be detrimental.

Child Sexual Abuse “is sexual exploitation or sexual activities with a child under circumstances that indicate that the child’s health or welfare is harmed or threatened.  This definition includes inappropriate sexual activities between children and adults.”) – Family Violence Legal, Medical and Social Perspectives – Harvey Wallace pg.66.

Two types of sexual abuse are extra-familial; (which refers to exploitative sexual contact with perpetrators who may be known to the child – neighbors, babysitters, live-in partners), and intra-familial (which includes incest, and refers to any type of exploitative sexual contact occurring between relatives). 

This recent abuse being discussed widely on social media, but which has occurred in our island is cause for concern.  This child unfortunately is being advantaged, and raped over and over again by the promotion of the video and the blames that are being placed on her.   Who is going to protect her?  Who is going to help her to regain her dignity, build her self-confidence and aim toward a productive and happy future?  Continue reading

Quit Inundating Us during Storms

Social media is great, and with its popularity the world we live in has shrunk.  We are a small village.  I mean literally, everything that happens in every corner of the world can be within our reach in lightening speed.  One can hail this as a wonderful invention and human progress.  Cheers!  P1000576

One step back, and social media can be a grand annoyance.  I specifically want to speak of the level of inundation that sweeps through my cell phone and social media feeds during the times of storms and disasters, accidents and heart-breaking incidents.  The sharing makes sense, but am I the only one who feels like some people just need to take a chill-pill during those horrible occurrences?  Some people just literally block up the phone space with photos, videos, and unnecessary rantings during such horrible times.

Maybe some of us would prefer to not know what is really happening at the moment; since probably during the time of the bad experiences we just want to center ourselves to a higher place where peace resides?  Maybe the pictures and videos lead to negative emotions like anxiety, depression, confusion and stress especially post Maria Trauma.  We must not forget that many people are still carrying fresh scars from both TS Ericka (2015) and Hurricane Maria (2018).  The inundation has potential to trigger mental breakdowns.

The decision to shut off all Whats App chats, or just turn off the phone is something  each person can decide to do.   It is about the power that is within our reach as relates to these annoyances.   Still, our netiquette, and social media courtesies are lacking.  You see there is information, and then there is too much information (TMI).  There is sharing or sensitizing, and then there is spamming.   Heck, yesterday’s rainy, flooding event was really painfully spam-y for me, and I bet for others.

Granted, I understand the need for the sharing of some of that info, especially for our friends, families and international patrons abroad.  The news is good, but the constant sending, re-sending, over-sending of those videos and photos via people’s private group chats, is just too much.

What I am actually seeking is a level of consideration from all and sundry.  If one has a photo or video and chooses to send it to others, I suggest you take the opportunity to request the permission of the other person.  As for sending them in a chat / group shared by many, this is even more crucial.  Show some consideration, and restrain yourself for the sake of the sanity and respect of others.   Do remember, some people are on several Whats App groups and may receive some of the same materials multiple times.  Let us stop the inundation, especially during the storms.

How do you feel about this matter?  Do you think that the sharing turns into spamming for you?  Your comments are welcome.

#PreserveOurBoys Work-Forum! – The Rational!

FB_IMG_1515539337898Some of you may have read and responded to my recent post on “Saving Our Boys” as can be found on my blog.  After having written about the gun-violence issue in the Town which directly affects that group, and having advocated for us to be a more proactive people, I think that it is necessary for me to do more than write about it; thus, the birth of the #PreserveOurBoys Work-Forum.

People are generally familiar with the term ‘workshop’, but I have chosen under the banner of my Official Page “Ceez On-Demand” to initiate and dub the event as a Work-Forum.  The purpose hoping to be captured in the term ‘work-forum’ – is  Continue reading

Saving Our Boys!

Post Hurricane Maria recovery is what most of our populace have been focused on.  Despite these efforts a desire to usher in 2018 with a sense of purpose and joy must have been deep seated within us.  Certainly, none of us anticipated the latest dreadful occurrence of yet another horrible death by gunshot in the Town of Portsmouth.  Not that we didn’t think this could ever happen, but it is just not the thing anyone would have liked to happen.   Obviously, this created a dreary and gloomy new year’s observance for Town folks, especially friends and families of the fallen and those of the perpetrators’.

Sadly some among us will immediately seek to shut down this expression with the notion that when things like these happen around us we are just mere reactionaries.  Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with being reactionary.  Still, this characteristic must and should be complemented with a level of action before the fact, or probably as a means of preventing such occurrences.  So, yes there may be a level of value in the criticism, but it is not sufficient and should not be used as a tool to shut down future endeavors to address this problem in our society.

Clearly, Portsmouth is not the only place with this problem where young men kill each other with guns, but this happens too frequently among our people; besides it is also one that seems like a bad wound that never cures.  If we have to chronicle the number of such deaths, and or disappearances and injuries which occurred through guns, and or some sort of violence among our young people (men in particular), then this is too many.  Continue reading

Do You Care to Care?

Today on my way to visit a housebound relative, I spotted a familiar elderly man literally struggling to get to his home under a downpour.  With genuine concern I reversed the car and offered him a ride.  To my surprise the elder’s visual ability was rather bad, and so his cane serves as a guide.  That visual impairment prevented him from crossing the gutter unto the main road.  That meant that I was left to get out of the driver’s seat to assist him.

Thankfully, just as I was getting out, a kind young lady ran toward us with an umbrella and assisted with getting him to sit in the car.  That was so uplifting to see, and it shed a light of hope about us as a community.

Once he was seated, we were on our way.  In between small talk and lamentations of a typical elder, I sought to find out exactly where he lived, and he ranted about the fact that he was denied a drink at a shop because the teller refused to sell him the coke he wanted.  I suspected that it was really more than the coke he was denied.  The new odor which drowned the Black Iced air freshener aroma it was evidence enough.

This did not deter my quest to get this man to his home as safely and as dry as I possibly could.  Interestingly, once we got close enough to the junction of his home, I parked where I thought it would be closest and easiest for him.  Well, that was my biggest error. Continue reading

Peace begins with – love?

Throughout my lifetime, I have heard of various riots from around the world.  I even recall writing about the London Riot some years ago, since it drew the attention of many nations.  Probably, I never envisioned us having such similarities particularly with the vandalism and looting which occurred.  Today, I lament about the scare, and fear felt from having had a sleepless night on Tuesday 7th February, 2017.   Seemingly what was a peaceful daytime protest was marred by the likes of a serious riot in our City from early evening into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.   This resulted in the horrendous burning of enterprises there.  These acts resemble a real lack of love that is currently plaguing our island on a wider scale.   Continue reading

World in Crisis – Oh Easy-liver

P1000004.JPGWorld in major crisis!  What has gone wrong?  A lack of peace, with an intense increase in the presence of war is plaguing various corners of this space we call the human home.  Mother earth is bawling from the deepest recesses of her belly complements the wickedness of humanity itself.   Interestingly, everyone who perpetuates, and or promotes the violence believes he or she is acting justly, rightly and is pleasing the self and his or her god.

The confusion is inexplicable to the average easy-liver.  The Easy-liver is someone who just wants to be allowed to live his or her life without fear and threat of being cut down innocently by some extremist.  This type of individual pursues tranquility in the simple things of life, consciously avoids complications, and would like to travel the world, simply to behold the splendor of its creator. Continue reading

Mere hurt is nothing!


Heaven give us hope in a world full of conflict. We ask for the hurting souls, some relief oh God!

People will write you off in life.  That is just how it is.  You cannot do much to change their choice if and when that happens.  Notwithstanding that fact, one must do everything within his or her power to continue living a life fulfilled.   Besides, to do otherwise is to hand-deliver ones life’s power to someone else who does not care a single thing about him/her.

When I think about the crisis that occurs all around us, the mere hurts dished out to us, are really peanuts.  Heck, so many real souls are being lost daily, so many hearts are being literally shattered, so many limbs are being broken by wicked acts of other real people.  The small rejections, write-offs, and their cousins are definitely unimportant. Continue reading

It is High Time…

To tweet, you've gotta breathe.  To love, you've gotta breathe.  Twitter spreads Love too.

To tweet, you’ve gotta breathe. To love, you’ve gotta breathe. Twitter spreads Love too.

One week ago, on a program “Ceez-the-Moment” which I recently began hosting on the PossieVibrations Radio within the Town of Portsmouth, I focused on the song – “A Woman’s Worth” by a new Female Calypsonian – Mrs. Sherian Parillon Letang – De Elektra – (Her Calypso name). Our discussion focused on the importance of knowing our worth as women, and upholding that value. De Elektra exclaimed that this thought for her song has always been something she wanted to sing about. Some of our callers mentioned the great need for our young ladies within the Town to have more good female role models. I was urged to do something practical about this, and I thought that this has been on my heart for a while too. Women were exalted, local women of high esteem were highlighted and young ladies were urged to value themselves, cherish their worth and aim for a better quality of life in our daily events.

As if to curse the great effort, very early in the week thereafter, the horrible news of two of our young ladies being exposed in the most explicit ways via the internet made waves. We couldn’t help but wonder what our little Dominican society is quickly deteriorating into. The value system seems to be eroding, as if in a whirlwind of filth, children are no longer seen as precious, young ladies are being seen as sex objects, and irresponsible use of the internet to project and promote these seem to be a cool thing to do. How can men and women (young and grown), propagate this derogatory and degrading act in such speed by forwarding this video without second thoughts about its impact on the victims? The sad reality is that, this once it hits the WWW is almost virtually immortal. Continue reading

Abyss of Obscurity

Sometimes in life people fade into an abyss of obscurity. This happens by force, or maybe by choice. It is easy to occur. Maybe it is a necessity for the faded in order to be found elsewhere. Probably it is a requirement in order to achieve other goals. Still one’s ability to fade into obscurity may just be due to the fact that anything else would possibly compound a torturous situation.

Then, there is the obscurity which occurs by the ability of others who will not hesitate to quickly throw the obscured to the curb. Yes, that happens too. Sometimes the very people the faded gave most of the self to are the exact ones who will be eager to see them vanish. So want or want not, faded will the obscured be…straight into the hell hole of obscurity like they never existed.

In obscurity, there is a feeling of loss, deep grievance, frustration, and the faded individual is likely to border on a level of depression intermittently. Inspiration de-materializes, sleep depletes, and moods develop a pendulum -like behavior.   Continue reading

Awarded – Liebster Style

With gratitude I accept the honor of the Liebster Award. Thank you SomerEmpress for the award, and for reminding me that I am Beloved.
You may read the post and award details here. 🙂 Also, please take some time to read some of SomerEmpress’ wonderful writing at Life As An Art Form. There is always inspiration to be found. Continue reading