When the Singer Flops; Does Anyone Remember the Sweetly Sung Notes Previously Belched Out?

Is it easy to stand before a crowd of hundreds or for that matter even thousands of people, and sing knowing sometimes your voice can crack or you can start the song too high or too low?

Respect the – Can’t Accept!

Just about two weeks ago, I wrote a post on Facebook stating my perplexity with the way our town folks are being criticized by some elements of our society in and out of Dominica.  Unbeknownst to me, a statement meant for good would have come under much criticism by a minority I might add; still … Continue reading Respect the – Can’t Accept!


Tonight a wave of nostalgia has struck me. I don't believe I am the only person who goes through such a phase, where a certain longing for things, situations, places and people I've known hits home. It is fine to be plagued by nostalgia, but even that calls for self-control. Besides, even if nostalgia plays … Continue reading Nostalgia

Restructuring the Mystery!

Sometimes in life we forget! Other times we make every effort not to. There are those moments when we just seek to find the deeper person in us. We connect with us more than ever before, and because we do, it constructs a certain kind of "Change" that is almost inexplicable. This change becomes so … Continue reading Restructuring the Mystery!

A good read by Essential Life Skills.net

50 Ways to be Happier     Feel free to click on the above link  (50 Ways To Be Happier) which will take you to this interesting and practical article. Currently, I seek to be happier than I have been for a long time.  It is weird, but while happiness is something we all seek, sometimes … Continue reading A good read by Essential Life Skills.net