Tonight a wave of nostalgia has struck me. I don’t believe I am the only person who goes through such a phase, where a certain longing for things, situations, places and people I’ve known hits home. It is fine to be plagued by nostalgia, but even that calls for self-control. Besides, even if nostalgia plays its trick on me, it is merely itself. What I do in response to this nostalgia is what matters. So when struck by nostalgia what must I do?

I have concluded the following:
1. If I long for people who are positive, life-giving, and who motivate my faith walk then it’s great. I should go ahead and contact those within reach be them in close proximity, or far away.

2. If I long for people who will only serve to weaken my walk with God, by enticing me into acts and thoughts of a sinful nature, I should rebuke the thought and emotions – In Jesus Name 🙂 I smile, but seriously, it is human to err, but it is divine to resist temptation. Since God has blessed me with a spirit of self-control, I must now quickly tap into that divine resource to sustain and keep me. Yes, it is real! I should pray, read the word, distract the mind. By the way don’t think I am self-righteous; it remains however, that there are some things we get nostalgic about which we just need to totally let go of, or reject. For, seeking to revisit them may only serve to dig us a pit to our own demise and shame.

3. If I long for a place like where I consider home, then maybe calling home would do. But tonight there is a storm (Tropical Storm-Maria) blasting my island, and there is no way that I can get to talk with anyone. So, in light of this, maybe listening to some local music might help. Logging-in to one of the local radio stations may just help me to deal with that Gwo-pwel (as we say in Creole.) If you think I am some hermit, I’m not. Still, my world is different here since friends are rare and far apart.

4. And then there is the longing for the now, where the wish that life was somewhat different makes its regular stop. Though it is not the past, it triggers, or spurs a certain related emotion. Several times I have fought against an urge to not be alone. Then again, lonesomeness is a natural phenomenon in the life of so many, if but for a time. Thus, I have chosen to accept the situation, and live in a “whatever – moment” trusting in God. In order to cope I got out of the house alone. My bike ride tonight was wonderful. I passed several strangers on the way, nodded to some, said hi to others, smiled to a few and above all, talked to God as loudly as comfortable through the cool wind on my face all the way. Do I sound crazy to you? I’m not, I am just living a normal life of the single person who is an alien in this country.

Conclusively, I prefer to live rightly than live cheaply, I prefer NOT to settle for less than what I value
and I prefer to NOT compromise the standards to which my faith-life requires. I know: I am a Fool – for Christ!

So, nostalgia though sweet sometimes, it can be sour. Nostalgia though awesome at times, can be awful at other moments. Thus, Nostalgia tonight, you can take a back seat.
Feel free to share your Nostalgia-related story with me here. God bless!

Restructuring the Mystery!

Sometimes in life we forget! Other times we make every effort not to.
There are those moments when we just seek to find the deeper person in us.
We connect with us more than ever before, and because we do, it constructs
a certain kind of “Change” that is almost inexplicable. This change becomes
so intertwined within us, we must then devise a way to unravel what it all means.
In the process of unraveling we continue the “change-process” to points likely
to be mis-overstood by our circles. Don’t you feel mis-overstood sometimes too?

Today, I know I’ve been changed. What has contributed to this internal metamorphosis?
Conclusively I would say, a combination of matters all embraced each other, some
with my permissions, others without my knowledge, and they brought a deep change of heart,
mind, character and personality.

Sometimes, change is for the worst, other times it is for the better, and still it should be
for the best. Currently, mine is for “what-ever.” This simply means, that I am letting it be what it is,
I am learning to watch it, feel it happen, observe its power within me, and allow it to take
its path. Wherever it leads, whatever it deprives me of, whatever it brings to me,
or endows me with,it is all for my providence I’m sure. For you see, that “What-ever” is constructed by faith.
Lately, I remind myself, “Ceez, walk by faith and not by sight” – thus my change is for “Whatever!”

You see I have not felt this way in a long time. The fact is; this “Whatever” breeds a certain kind of beautiful mystery. Lately, I am learning to feel differently, to behave with more coding, and to restructure my mystery. Once I was mysterious, I was quite careful, and didn’t lose composure. Not that it is wrong to lose composure sometimes – for who doesn’t?
It is just the fact that, composure preserves mystery, and mystery multiplies faith’s wings. A part of me feels like shouting – “I have Changed! – I know I’ve been changed.- I will Never be the Same again.” – Still I will be patient, for change is constant. Besides, I would hate to celebrate too early,
but I appreciate each moment of change that I observe, as directed by faith. Let it all happen!!!

Now, all I do is love, watch, pray, hurt, smile, cry, exercise, dream, write, hope and desire,
all from a healthy avenue (That location where you avoid an “emotional-ground-zero”)!!! – Mysterious me is making a Renaissance!!!

A good read by Essential Life

50 Ways to be Happier

    Feel free to click on the above link  (50 Ways To Be Happier) which will take you to this interesting and practical article.

Currently, I seek to be happier than I have been for a long time.  It is weird, but while happiness is something we all seek, sometimes we find ourselves evading that prospect.  I say we evade it because I think happiness is always accessible. We just often lose our way. Thus having found this interesting article from one of my tweets, I decided to share it here with you.

Take time to read it, and hopefully put it into practice as possible for you.  One which stands out for me is “Do not take yourself too seriously…” Something to that effect.  Much of my life have been spent taking myself and others too seriously.  I still need to fully comprehend this in totality.  If you have any thoughts on that aspect feel free to share please.

Finally, I am wishing you happiness as much as I wish for myself.  God bless each of you. Thanks for reading. Once you have read, feel free to come back here and share your thoughts.  🙂