My Twitter Journey?

To tweet, you’ve gotta breathe. To love, you’ve gotta breathe. Twitter spreads Love too. I took this photo in Colorado in 2006!

This is a question because I wonder whether I have what it takes to define a response. I was inspired to write my experience by one of my newest connections made on the said social media network. Matt Andaloro who goes by the name @andtheloro at wrote his personal story via The 7 Phases of Twitter at . Having read his story, I quickly tweeted him with my thoughts of his sharing, and so he challenged me to share mine.

Seriously, I have never given deep thought to this and so, I am actually sketchy writing this now. I thought I should say that it was out of pure curiosity that I began using this medium called Twitter. There was a point where I could not even quite spell the word, and struggled to remember my account name, and everything that goes with that. A certain level of trepedition caught a hold of me too, as I was often afraid that I didn’t quite know how to use this whole twitter thing.

Curiousity killed the cat, but I think it made me alert. It taught me to read, explore, try out, fail and retry. These simple expressions of reading, exploring, trying out, failing, and retrying best describe my journey I think. My friends were few, I tweeted and got little or no response, thus I stayed away for a long time thereafter. (Speaking of being ignored, that one social media geek always tweeted and I loved reading his work. So I followed him, and realized dude never really cared to respond to my comments about his work. Thus, over time I realized in the Twitter-World, you can unfollow people who don’t quite share your passion, or your interests, and who wouldn’t care to follow you back. You can do the maths there :).)

Having returned after messing with my profile, and the new features of the ever changing Twitter, I read, read, and read other people’s tweets, then I started using twitter to know what was happening in my locality (at that time Wichita Falls news and weather updates) and indeed, I always felt knowledgeable about my surroundings just be reading these.

The critical factor was to understand what each icon on the profile page represented. I was lost for a long time, and feared braving them, but once I did, it began to become easy. Then the whole #RT (Retweet) thing, and then the struggle to master the various abbreviations used via cell phones to follow, and unfollow people had be bamboozled. Still I persevered. Then, with hanging in there, my followers began growing. I followed more people with a greater sense of – things that interest me, and not just randomly. I read people’s guideance and followed keenly those who offered tips and tricks.

Am I a master today? No way, but I am quite at home with Twitter at present. It is easier now to relate to the discourse of Twitter. After all I am part of a worldwide community via this medium. Meanwhile, I will say, that with the ever changing, growing and developing trend of social media, one can’t remain stagnated in its usage. We must keep abreast with its changes. To do that, is to read, try out, brave the fears of failures, fail sometimes, ask questions, seek help, and work at it. This is not at all comprehensive, but it is what I can share at the moment about My Twitter Journey. Today, my follwing is growing, and I am meeting some wonderful and cool people, who are more than some #automessage – (which I dislike), but people who are proving to be great motivators in a world often cold. Thus, my twitter journey proceeds and my learning expands. Have you tried twitter yet? Give it shot.

My first tweet was like jeee — it was sent on: 26 July ’09
“trying to get better to go to school on the new day God willing..” Clearly it was asking for more. lol.

I have used Twitter to:
Meet new people who share my interests
A short stint of job hunting just after Univ.
Post links to and promote my blog
Share and discuss faith matters
Express sympathy and empathy
Market my new book
Keep informed about my homeland and world events
Know what the weather will be like in my locality
Follow NBA / World Cup Football, Cricket and the likes
Read the word / quotes and thoughts
Learn about blogging, book writing, and relationship building
The point is: Usage of Twitter has a lot of benefits. Give it a shot today, conquer your fear, but hey, don’t get addicted. It can be addictive :). Have fun.

A successful Book Launch!

Display of books!

I am thrilled to share with you, that on August 3rd, 2012 on a rainy storm-forecast-ed Friday, my first book was launched.  The earlier hours of that day was poised with rain, thunder, and just a dreary feeling of impossibility.  Still, faith remained steadfast.  Prayers persisted against the odds, and God triumph in the end. 

We the people who attended the book launch were adamant at defying all odds.  In faith I called and text messaged everyone whom I could, and assured them that we will go ahead with this important event.  Some folks doubted it would or could occur, others were great motivators. — Let’s Do It!  So we did. 

This emerged to be more than I anticipated, envisioned or could have ever hoped for.  Still, I missed a few people.  People whom I know would have been there had it not been for the weather, distance, and life’s barriers.  This however, will not hinder my gratitude.  I say thanks be to God to all who came, those who bought books, and offered congratulatory messages.  Each of you made the day what it was.

The reviews from all those who offered them, when presented were well received by the audience.  Thanks to all of you who offered me your thoughts on the book.

Today, I feel more confident.  More people are aware of my book, more are requesting it, and others can’t wait for the next.  Still I know that the challenge of getting it promoted further has just begun.  All those who are pushing it, by sharing the idea of my book, reading it and recommending it to others, I appreciate. I see that a people of my culture have found much out of this book, to lengths where they are now telling others about it.  Still, people of a different culture can very well relate.

Thanks again everyone.  Let God be praised.  Meanwhile, my pen via my fingers are still on the move.
This link can take you to a small peek of the ceremony according to SAT TV News… from about 2:37 onward.

Book Launching in Dominica — Friday 3rd August, 2012!

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I have written.  My life at home has taken a great hold of me, and I have been neglegent of all of you.  Am I proud of my negligence? Certainly NOT! But, I am somehow hoping you will forgive me with an understanding heart. A heart which warms up to the fact and knowledge that, I have missed home for so long that it takes some getting used to again, before I can settle before my PC to write. 🙂 Forgive me now.

So, I wanted to bring you up to date with one of my main happenings.  ON August 3rd, 2012  (A Friday Afternoon), I will be officially launching my first book at the Central Credit Union Convention Center at Portsmouth at about 4:30pm (in my homeland and home town).  Am I excited?  You can bet I am.  Am I nervous?  Indeed I am.  With these mixed emotions, I anticipate a great event.

Thus, wish me well, and if you are anywhere close to my location, come on in, and be a part of this auspiscious and historical event.  I really don’t know what to feel just yet.

Thus far the momentum is building.  People are requesting, and purchasing the book, and I am still awaiting feedback from folks.  So, if you are one of those who have begun to read or has read the book, feel free to send me your comments in a personal message.  That would be welcome.

The paperback version of the book is available at, or in  case you want an ebook, you can get it at

Thank you for all the wonderful support folks. God bless you now. 🙂 (I missed you all)


I have written about obscurity, esteem, love, and anger
Scribbled I did, about values, faith, and even relationships
I have written with people, places and things in ponder
I still dream to copy aspects of untaken, upcoming trips.

Still my inspiration sometimes wanes, and wanders
My fingers no longer communicate with the brain of my creativity
Inspiration grows cold; and negligent just like an abandoned stranger
It has relinquished its power, hold, love, smiles, and time all from me.

Struggle to connect dots, letters, colors, pictures,
A hard-time I find to make designs of class and artistry
Emotional despair like thick clouds stands between brain power and literature
Inspiration like a hot potato has dropped me to decay in verbal misery

No use trying to work the keyboard, even it has refused me space
No use seeking to find some ink, oh that is prehistoric
As if mocking my ever mental effort to rise to a state of grace
Inspiration metaphorically takes me for granted like I’m rhetoric.

Like an addict I will pursue a strong fix or dose
Like a desperate bull, I will fight till my horn breaks
Like a motherless child I will suck my thumb with a finger in my nose
Like a writer, I will restart after crushing many papers – for that’s what it takes

Each time inspiration crosses my mind, I will write
Each time theories desire visibility, for inspiration I will fight
Each time philosophies come by, hungrily I will bite
Stay or go, live or die, hate or love, to inspiration, I have a right!
No matter the circumstances to inspiration, this brainy pen will write…

I learned in 2011 – Did you?

Throughout the year 2011 I have learnt many a lesson. Can I articulate them all? Can I tell you exactly at what points that I learnt these lessons? Maybe I can’t do any of these, but I know I have recognized new knowledge from the unique experiences which befell me. To describe the year as challenging would be an understatement. Still, to not describe it as tough would be to say it was a real easy one. One thing is for certain, I don’t intend to lament, nor do I intend to rehash their details.

Certainly, you must have had your share of toughness during 2011. To absorb the blame for the tragedies, hurts and destructions which occurred around and within me is maybe the safest way to look at them. In such a way, I will remind myself to embrace the lessons learnt. Still to attribute the successes, medals, and achievements acquired in 2011 to the Master of my universe is the noblest way I can be thankful for them.
Then I look deeper, I search with spectacles framed from hope, optimism and faith, and I see lessons from the hurts, knowledge gained from experiences, hope within the despair surrounding the unknown and I rejoice in God. Is that easy to do? Nah, it’s not, but I am certain it is the best way for me to embrace the new YES/Attitude with which I am choosing to live each day now.

I have chosen to summarize lessons learnt in 2011 in one seemingly simple, maybe well known verse of scripture, which to my mind captures everything I feel at this time which are currently inexplicable. It is not new, but it has become real, and more meaningful to me, almost more than ever. Hebrews 13:5-6 proclaims: “Let your conduct be without covetousness, and be content with such things that you have, for he has said, ‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you,’ so that we may boldly say, ‘The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do to me.”

So much has occurred; still let it remain chronicled within my memory for the sake of mental journaling. All I will say is God has lived up to His words for me. He has cancelled debts, paid my bills, taught me humility, lifted me from the mire, provided a nest for resting, made real my dreams in double fashion, carried me in times of dark despair, lifted my head when it had been made to bow down and the list goes on. He gives me hope to continue each day.
As in its final moments, 2011 fades, while in many other lands 2012 has protruded its head, I ponder, extend heartfelt gratitude to all of you who made my year what it was; the good which gave me hope, the bad which reminded me of my frailty, the ugly which sought to rid me of my internal composure, and the challenges which caused my heart to quiver in the lonesome darkness of my domain. Today, I am grateful that I am alive, well, and hopeful. Regardless of the losses, I foresee the hand of God holding me up in its palms, and keeping me steady. I see his light pointing me to the cross of my redemption, and I affix my eyeballs on the redemptive Victor Christ Jesus Himself, thus 2012, will be the continuation of a newness that is happening within me. Let God be praised. A Happy and Blessed 2012 to YOU and YOURS in JESUS name. Given any thought to what you learnt in 2011? Does it even matter? Let God Arise…

New Learning Curve! defines a learning curve as: “A graph that depicts rate of learning, especially a graph of progress in the mastery of a skill against the time required for such mastery.” Barron’s Accounting Dictionary (B.A.D.) meanwhile defines a learning curve as: “Chart line representing the efficiencies gained from experience.” Clearly, the concept of a learning curve is extremely quantitative in nature with its borders lodged to various experiences. Since numeric is not quite my forte I will not seek to explore its numerical value too much. I will leave that for my friend Kathy a prolific accountant to do.

Rather, I will seek to explore the concept of this phenomenon on my life at present. As depicted by the B.A.D. the learning curve has applications. Imagine that? It states that, “Applications of the learning curve theory include (1) pricing decisions, based on the estimates of expected costs; (2) requirements for scheduling labor; (3) capital budgeting decisions; and (4) setting incentive wage rates.”

So, here I am thinking of myself as a Product — which is affected by the decisions that I make, of which a price will be paid by me if I fail to estimate their cost. My learning curve has been shockingly juggled, and shriveled, or as we would say in Creole, ‘chiffonay’ to points of great discomfort. I must now seek a numerical equilibrium, which is currently on the edge of minute-based decisions. Lately, each minute seems expensive, heavy, costly and disgustingly demanding. Still I’m here.

So, here I am thinking of myself as a gadget, a tool, an equipment, ingredient, a robot –which requires a level of discipline in an effort to schedule the work cut out for me from here onward. You see with the way my latest minutes are misbehaving, there is need for order in my workspace. My workspace begins in my head, and boy, aren’t these thoughts mischievous? I am over-spent; need repair, retooling, reconfiguration. Jee the numbers are tipping over. Lord Help Me. I’m here still…

Again, here I am thinking I am a project, a program, a scheme, a retreat, a party full of chaos, –which requires clear cut budget control and management. My capital is eroded, I am but bankrupt emotionally, mentally disorganized at least at the moment. I need auditing, need to send these internally generated numbers to the psychological auditor, lest I become socially, and personally over-drafted. There is a thin line between peace and war, hope and despair, joy and sorrow, sanity and insanity. Who on earth is immune? Are you? I know I’m not so I am exploring this latest, bold and necessary to be faced learning curve of mine. Dang..What a necessity. Am I still here? Let me pinch myself! Yes, I’m still here.

So, finally, here I am thinking I am a sales agent, a sales representative, even more here I am thinking I am a firm, an enterprise, a company, an insurance firm with little assurance of anything at the moment. Splef! Ain’t that nice! I offer incentives to my employees, and all they do is refuse the numbers, degrade my plan, and totally send me in a state of dependence.

Still, today I was thanking God that I don’t drink, smoke, nor take unnecessary substances into my physical faculty. What a wreck this firm would be. But alas, how I could do with an attractive, meaningful and worthwhile incentive; – One that would allow me to feel safe, secure, assured, hopeful, and peaceful within a cocoon of healthy networking. Maybe I can awake to a bright reality soon.

But, alas, this learning curve is numerically drowning me, totally harsh on my mental faculty, constantly daggering the drum-like organ within me. Still the learning curve presents me with applications that I must employ. So, I will seek to embrace this new venture, hope for strong revelations of its colorful graph as my life’s experiences plot the points on its curvaceous nature from this time forward. Hopefully, the vagabond-like nature of this learning curve will become more ordered, and or docile; thereby, gaining some clear-cut direction, focus, and goals. Hopefully, I will learn through this new curve once it loses all its twists and insensitive turns. Then, by and by, hopefully the eternal accountant will give me a great audit report at the end of my spending. God help me!
What is your learning curve like? Have you given this some thought lately?

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Great News!

Dear friends and ardent followers of the blog, I thought I would share some brief, but very important news with you.
After having the Ebook version of What’s on Your mind? The Diary of an Esteemed Woman onto the website for almost three months, a great achievement was made. Though the sales are slowly moving, I am grateful for all the support being recieved as time proceeds.

Importantly, I must tell you that, yesterday 4th December, 2011 the EBook version of my book made it to smashword’s Premium Catalogue Status. This means that it: “…meet(s) certain mechanical requirements for distribution into major online retailers such as Smashwords partners, Barnes & Noble or Apple. Smashwords books that achieve Premium Catalog status receive the greatest possible distribution across Smashwords’ growing distribution network.” –
Yay! Another wonderful growth for the book process.

If you have not yet acquired a copy of the book, this is a perfect time to do so for yourself, and or for someone else, in any style or version that you desire. Isn’t it marvelous to be able to choose how you want to read a book? I am happy to be able to offer different options to people.

Finally, I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all who have supported my work thus far.
Your support serves as great motivation for me to continue sharing my heart with you and all.
All Glory and Honor to the Author of our existence, today and Always.
Yours in HIM,