Just like a tree

Like a tree with roots, I seek to stand firm on my decisions each day.
If I wake up, I plan to get a few things done during the day. To achieve most of them means to give quality time to each task.

Each task requires a solid resolve, so I hope to do just that and more during the days allotted me. The truth is sometimes we really feel like not doing what we plan on achieving. To sit back and think that it will get itself done without my input is to hope that someone takes some food and place it in my mouth without my efforts. Well that is a lame example, but I am certain you get the picture.

A tree sways in the wind, sheds its leaves and looks dry during the season of Fall, stays internally warm during the cold, and fights to hold its greenery within for as long as it can. Trees are amazing to me. With their branches extended, supported by a firm stem, they have a certain femininity about them. Like a struggling woman in her quest to triumph over every form of struggle and adversity, she holds herself together, and still chooses to give off green leaves, as if to smile again once the pain has subsided. I want to be like the strongest tree in the forest. Even within a crowded place, she often feels alone, because she towers over the neighbors. She has roots extended beyond her visible borders, and that is what keeps her aground. Now, that is the kind of woman I want to be. Alone, or in company, I want to stand tall within my psyche, because in stature I am short. That I aspire to, not to be proud or conceited, but to be confident, strong, self-esteemed, and to embrace my phenomenal person daily.
This is not to leave out the brothers, but please allow me a moment guys. Continue reading


Life Puzzles

Since I spoke of the the fact that I worked on trying to complete a picture puzzle yesterday, and shared its incompleted phase, I thought I should update you on its progress. It was perfected today, in total completion. Yay! And no, I didn’t do it myself, neither did I do most of it. Still I am happy that I assisted in its most difficult stages, and then in its easiest stage.

It made me think that, life sometimes behaves like a major puzzle. Continue reading

New year, New Rule

Growing up in the Caribbean, that famous expression “new year, new rule,” was a must at the start of a new year. I am certain it is still being said by people, though often for fun purposes.
Personally, I have no rule really for the new year, but I find it kind of funny, and figure, since this is my first post for 2012, I might as well use it. So, if you find no real rule in this post, forgive me.

Often another “R” word makes itself ubiquitous during a new year too – “Resolution.” Personally, if you ask me what is my resolution for 2012, I will tell you it is to not make a resolution. So in clearer terms, “My new year’s resolution is no resolution whatsoever.” Continue reading

Do it Today!!!

Someone once said, “Procrastination is a thief of time.” They must have been right, because you can really watch the time fly by as you engage things that could wait. Come on you know you procrastinate sometimes too. I sure do! hmm

For me, today I just feel like I don’t want to study, or read that text book, I don’t want to begin work on that research paper, but still the date is upcoming, and it is due. Ready or not, Professor awaits it. So, what do I do?

—-Free up my mind
—-Take a rest
—-Eat something substantial
—-Attend that meeting
—-Then hit the book at the final few hours left before Monday morning?

Sometimes that works, but I tell you fellow students, and especially,
fellow seniors often it puts us under unnecessary pressure.
So, I think I should do it while it is early O’clock. Continue reading