My Twitter Journey?

This is a question because I wonder whether I have what it takes to define a response. I was inspired to write my experience by one of my newest connections made on the said social media network. Matt Andaloro who goes by the name @andtheloro at wrote his personal story via The 7 Phases of … Continue reading My Twitter Journey?

A successful Book Launch!

I am thrilled to share with you, that on August 3rd, 2012 on a rainy storm-forecast-ed Friday, my first book was launched.  The earlier hours of that day was poised with rain, thunder, and just a dreary feeling of impossibility.  Still, faith remained steadfast.  Prayers persisted against the odds, and God triumph in the end. We … Continue reading A successful Book Launch!

Book Launching in Dominica — Friday 3rd August, 2012!

Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I have written.  My life at home has taken a great hold of me, and I have been negligent of all of you.  Am I proud of my negligence? Certainly NOT! But, I am somehow hoping you will forgive me with an understanding heart. A heart … Continue reading Book Launching in Dominica — Friday 3rd August, 2012!


I have written about obscurity, esteem, love, and anger Scribbled I did, about values, faith, and even relationships I have written with people, places and things in ponder I still dream to copy aspects of untaken, upcoming trips. Still my inspiration sometimes wanes, and wanders My fingers no longer communicate with the brain of my … Continue reading Inspiration…

I learned in 2011 – Did you?

Throughout the year 2011 I have learnt many a lesson. Can I articulate them all? Can I tell you exactly at what points that I learnt these lessons? Maybe I can't do any of these, but I know I have recognized new knowledge from the unique experiences which befell me. To describe the year as … Continue reading I learned in 2011 – Did you?

New Learning Curve! defines a learning curve as: "A graph that depicts rate of learning, especially a graph of progress in the mastery of a skill against the time required for such mastery." Barron's Accounting Dictionary (B.A.D.) meanwhile defines a learning curve as: "Chart line representing the efficiency gained from experience." Clearly, the concept of a learning … Continue reading New Learning Curve!