Physical Beats

So, we have been given bodies. How we treat them depends mainly on us. What we choose to eat and drink, how we choose to move, or whether we decide to be physically lazy mainly depends on us. Jim Rohn said: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Need I say more?

I am no physical fitness buff, but I love a good physical exercise, it sure makes me feel good not just physically, but overall. It brings a certain togetherness to my beats – it really does.

So, what’s your take on physical beats?
Where are you in that world?
Do you even care about that?
Are you as annoyed as I am at all the ‘diets’ out there?🙂 What to eat, what not to eat, what’s good and what’s not?  That can be laughable.
Still, I say find what works for you, and stick with it as best as you can. Treat your body well. I am still learning.

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