Please help Devon Malcolm Brewster get re-registered in Medical School at UWI in Jamaica! Sign below this post & Support the Go Fund Me!

Tonight, I read what I considered a heart-breaking desperate call for help from a young man seeking to become a medical doctor.  This young man I have known in our community as an exemplary one and have no hesitation in making his plea, my plea too.

You know how the saying “young men is an endangered species” and that “young men are under-performers in academics…” and all the other negatives uttered about young, black and or Caribbean males? – Well if one young man is making efforts to break this ridiculously viscous cycle, we should all rally behind him.  This is my position!

Malcolm is a multi-talented person.  He is a musician, and has the potential to preach the word of God.  He awed so many people when he preached at the funeral service of a renounced individual not too long ago at  – Mount Wallace Methodist Church which is his home congregation.   He is fearless and God fearing all together.  He has a passion for all things positive and is still so very humble and pleasant.   37065942_1550112276574141_r

Many can attest to his great leadership skills and potentials, his contributions to community via hosting of summer music classes for children, and his participation in other life changing and positively impactful activities.

Additionally, Malcolm’s outstanding academic achievements at all levels thus far cannot be ignored.  He in my view, is a perfect candidate for the investment of  some of our nation’s tax dollars, or a reputable scholarship.   The question of why such a promising yut- man is presently de-registered due to some tuition debt baffles me.  Like many of us, his family most likely doesn’t have the resources to assist him pursue his heart’s desire; thus, him being at the mercy of the lack.  For how long again should we leave him to the elements of this emotional torture?

Uncertainty is not comfort.  Being de-registered is depressing and embarrassing.  No one would like this for his or her child, no caring parent would sleep well knowing a son or daughter is living on a house built on sand.  Sadly, this must be the predicament of Devon Malcolm Brewster and his family.

I hereby join the call to whom it may concern, to consider with urgency the need of the young Devon Malcolm Brewster.   He might save some of our families’ life as a medical doctor in the near future – God willing – after all.  Who knows?  Then again, it would be our loss if this young man doesn’t achieve this goal, or if he throws stones behind his back and never turns to look at Dominica.  We the “elders” are expected to promote sustainability.  Investing in Young Devon Malcolm Brewster, is investing in Sustainable Development and Resilience.

Somebody who can, please do something to help Malcolm Brewster study peacefully, with the confidence that he will and can achieve his goals.  If he does, then Dominica wins.

If you support this call, please make an effort to simply sign your name below this post as a comment, so that we have signatures registered to prove our support to him.

Meanwhile, I have noted a GoFundMe petition was set up for him.  If you are so moved to assist him, please hit the above link.  Devon Needs our Support.  It is that simple.


LA Enterprise Bombers FC, Shows Resilience and Sheer Determination

After writing my last blog entry, I found it necessary to watch the boys of LA Enterprise FC play their next match.  Notwithstanding the fact that I was like the several others who were speedily completing Saturday chores prior to joining the devoted fans already lined up along the grounds of the Benjamin’s Park, I was able to enjoy quite a proportion of the game.

Having found myself on the wing of an irate fan, I was often perturbed by the dirty insults directed toward the coach, then to the players, and even at fans and opponents alike.

Imagine at one time, a local player was actually giving some unpleasant responses to the irate fan.  As if trying to intimidate all the ‘non-football players, and just comers like me, the culprit once described himself as an animal.

I wondered whether being an ‘animal’ was a qualification to show, that one deserved to wear the team’s supporters’ tshirt, which interestingly this guy was not even decking.  He even missed spotting the team’s colour.

Then I thought maybe this is his way of showing his passion for the game, desperation for the Bombers team to win, and more so to give himself something to believe in.  Whatever his reason, it wasn’t easy for me to focus on the boys, block out that distortion and maintain my calm within that verbal storm.

Then I thought to myself, if every other ‘fan’ is as rude and impatient like the referenced fan, well Bombers and furthermore any sports playing team or individual who supports them is in deep trouble.

“Love is patient and it is kind, it is not rude…” according to the scriptures.  If this is the case, I have a hard time being convinced by someone that this is love for the game, the players or the team.

On the contrary, such behavior denotes anger, bitterness, and as if the existence of a vendetta.  I’m not here to judge nor vilify the irate fan, but alas am I perturbed by such explosions and concerned about the quality or lack thereof of the man.  The disrespect is real all over.

Anyway, enough of the lamentation already.   The turn offs that were experienced at last Saturday’s game cannot surpass the phenomenal work put out by the boys then.

Some top quality defense employed by Elizee (Maudo), Usher’s abilities to run the ball toward the opponent’s goal post, the determination of the strikers amidst the challenges faced were all commendable and worth mentioning.

Their hard work resulted in a four to 1 win over the opponent.  This is most certainly something to be proud of.

Kudos to the tempered fans who turned up and turned out.  Our support will continue to elevate Club LA Enterprise Bombers.

With a few more crucial games ahead, players must remain focused, management must keep the glue strong and refreshed, coach (es) must fix any festering flaw, and fans must keep the fire burning.

Thank you Bombers for the win.  Remember complacency is a huge enemy.  You better stay focused on the purpose and prize ahead.

All the best going forward.  #LAEnterpriseBombersFC #PressOn


5 Considerations LA Enterprise Bombers FC and Fans Should Urgently Employ Before, During and After Every Football Match.

By now most of us are aware that the clash of the giants left the Portsmouth LA Enterprise Bombers FC and their fans heartbroken.  Many vented, maybe silently so, while others openly gave their verdicts.  As for me, I have been left to ponder whether it is fair to appeal to you the fans, to keep supporting the team.

I can assure you, despite the obvious disappointment, undoubtedly I would do it again – asking for that support to grow or strengthen beyond wins and losses.

The reason for my optimism is as simple as:  “Loss does not equate death.”  You see if our mortal beings loses the battle against life, it is triumphed over by the faith in Christ (for those of us who believe), thus eternity is promised to us.  When that time comes, the old mortality will be swept away, and immortality will be the greatest gift for our souls.  Thus, we would enjoy eternal bliss with Christ if we die in friendship with him.

Similarly, a team losing a match 2 to 1 does not equate the death of the team and should not result in the breakdown of its veins and backbone.  Afterall, with some extra effort, a return to its vision and mission, and the acquisition of the club’s goal will result in the scoring of many more goals.

On that note, I hereby propose five (5) simple, but necessary considerations that LA  Enterprise Bombers FC and their fans should entertain.

1.  Finish as strong or even stronger than you start.  Team – this is clear (I hope), but work on your stamina as well as your personal and collective passions to win.  Fans – keep the momentum of the support up even when things look brown. (That is hard I know, but it is possible).  The point is, every game is unique and should be approached with fresh perspectives and hopeful mannerisms.  Treat each game with it’s own merit.

2.  Find the core of your person, dig deep and you will realise there is a winner in you.  Team: you have won before, so take a collective and individual trip back to those joyous moments.  Ponder: “what are the things that have contributed to these victories then?”  Once you find the reasons, bottle them within your heart and replay them in your memory bank.  Watch the winning spirit turn into reality through each of you.   Fans: Your realization of the winner in you will propel your desire to make winners of our players.  Your every disposition and verbal expressions will exude just that spirit of winner, plus some.

3.  Pray together with sincerity.  Give the game to the purpose and honor of God.  Maybe for some people this could be laughable, but if we can pray to pass exams after we study hard, why can’t an individual or a team pray to win a game after the hard work of practicing and training for it?  Players and Fans – we are called to respect, honor and please the talent-giver in every facet of our lives.  We are to give the talent and skills back to Him. So before those games, try a little personal prayer fans, and a collective and personal prayer Team, that you may give your best, be satisfied with the outcome after the final whistle blows, and respect the team’s efforts despite the disappointments if your heart’s desire was not met.  Meanwhile, prayer goes together with effort.  It changes things. #Pray.

4,  After losing a game, recalibrate, refocus and like a computer, reboot your system.  Team:  reboot to the values that can bring success to any team.  Those values that are bigger than any level of frustration you may have.  Reprogram your attitude – (state of mind), and watch growth happen.  Fans: you must reboot too.  Reboot to the thing that drives your support of the team.  Your love for the game, your appreciation for the players, your pride in community despite its challenges. So reset, reboot and re-turn to the next football match.

5. Finally, enjoy the moments, enjoy the games, find all the reasons to be joyful during each encounter with an opponent.  Team: remember to laugh and relax even while struggling during a match.  Help each other to maintain a certain sense of confidence, peace and self control.  – Enjoy yourself.   Fans: enjoy the game, but remember to interact with your fellow fans and even those of the opposing team.  Laugh a little, for that might just contribute to the tranquil mindset that our players need on the field.  Remember, Teams and Fans feed off each other.

Conclusively, I encourage all concerned  to employ the above considerations before, during and after all future matches.

Do note that LA Enterprise  Bombers FC’s next game is scheduled for (Saturday 9th February at 3:30PM at the Benjamin’s Park).  #FightToTheLastWhistle BombersFC.


LA Enterprise Bombers FC faces one of its biggest rivals in a game scheduled for Sunday 3rd February at the Benjamin’s Park – Fans are encouraged to turn Up & turn Out – In Large!

Hey Possie, you have been doing tremendously well to turn out to the games of our boys in recent times.  Kudos to all of you who follow the team. If you recall, on Sunday 20th January, the team played South East FC at the Dublanc playing field, a place where some elements of the crowd were not in LA Enterprise Bombers’ corner.

Clearly, they had good reasons right?  Their team and our Bombers now carry the same amount of points into Sunday’s upcoming game.  They hoped our boys would have lost,  but that was to their dismay.  .

Well, the day of reckoning has come, and Bombers’ must now face Dublanc’s team at home in a game being dubbed as “The Clash of the Giants”, while CCCU Dublanc FC must now face our youngsters.  Well if you didn’t know, LABombersFC is a Giant too.  So Yes Possie people, we have reasons to be proud and to stand behind and around them.  51178868_2931387736886858_1324698287818670080_n  Say what we want, Dublanc is close to home too.  Nowwww, we all know that when they move, they move amass. As a matter of fact, some members of the crowd on the 20th vehemently reminded us, that when Dublanc move, is full force.

Welllll Possie, tell me, what are going to do about that? Are we coming out in our large numbers, decking our team’s color with the right mindset and or attitude to cheer Bombers’ on?  Undoubtedly, the opponent will bring it!  Are we going to shock them with our presence, and more-so with our support?   I dare say, we have an obligation to do so.

By the way, one Dublanc supporter accused Possie of not being good supporters eh.  Are we going to prove she and her community wrong, are we going to show them what we are made of, and even more, are we going to stand with and behind our boys regardless come what may?  You see, sometimes we give up on them even before the game ends.  When they feel that negative energy, it frustrates them, and as though left without a choice, they too give up before the game ends.  WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT this coming Sunday.  We must keep the support UP right through.

So, I am calling all and sundry, young and aged, men and women, friends and families (bring the children too) of our boys, and all of Portsmouth, let us go and support Bombers like we Never Did Before.  By the way, Brandon’s bells are too small, they are not loud enough, we need some drums, cowbells, anything that can make a good sound, to push our boys forward until the final whistle echoes.  Don’t be surprised if the opponent (we not calling their name now eh 🙂 ), brings a Lapo Kabwit with them.  Ahhh Possie, we need our Lapo too. Just saying.

Anyway, save all negative comments for chambers on Sunday.  All we want is Support and Encouragement for the young team.  BombersFC – Team Possie – LehWEGo!

Disclaimer:  If you don’t see me, I have good reasons of prior planned engagements, but my prayers and spirit will be with our team – for sure.  IF you see me, well just know I found a way to sto-way from that event.   Wish me luck.  Which ever way, I am supporting BombersFC all the way, for I will be wearing my T-shirt in solidarity with our boys and all of you faithful and new supporters.  Let’s Go Bombers! Let’s GO Possie!


Your help is Needed to purchase necessary Seismic Instruments for our Dominica? This is an urgent Need which can benefit our Region! Give Today

If you have any knowledge of Dominica our Nature Isle, we know that we are surrounded by at least 9 volcanoes.  Added to this awareness, is the reality of the frequent and unnerving earth-shakes that we experience.

In 2004, many of us became a bit more aware of this phenomenon after suffering from the horror of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that affected the island, especially the northern part for quite a while with hundreds of horrible aftershocks.  portsmouth catholic churchLately, the shakes have been a bit too frequent for comfort, still we live on.  Actually, we must live on shake or no shake until God says otherwise right?

With these facts, we must continue to learn how to prepare for earthquakes, and our nations needs to prepare to give early warnings to its citizens.  Well, actually, our region needs to do just that as well.

Two days ago, I stumbled upon an email from the head of the Public Seismic Network Inc. – Wayne Abraham, and noticed that there is a fund-raiser ongoing to purchase instruments to monitor earthquakes around the island.   A GoFundMe campaign is on thus.  Click the above link or right here: for more information about this crucial campaign.

It is important to note that this organization has been existing for more than twenty years, and has been registered for the last eighteen.  In speaking with Mr. Abraham, who has been monitoring seismic activities independently for many years in Dominica, I further learned that the goal is to purchase at least ten (10) low cost sensors.  Seemingly, a high quality sensor costs about US$6000.00.   He indicated that the ideal number of sensors needed to cover the island is twenty-five (25), and that ten is really the mere minimum.

The goal is to ensure that four of these sensors will be placed around Morne-au-diable Volcano, and six will be scattered in the southern part of the island to monitor 7 volcanoes.   Additionally,  to ensure safety, and access of these sensors, secure housing with power, and internet will be sought as locations to place these monitors.  This will protect them against weather effects and theft or vandalism.  Thus, people willing to house these sensors will be a positive toward their placements.  A key detail worth noting is that, once the sensors are up and running, they will facilitate the setting up of an early warning system that can hit our phones and or email boxes once set up.

Though this is no fun subject, it is a necessity and is the business of each of us.  I suggest we take some time to make it our concern and support a noble and worthy cause that could benefit us and our families in the long run.  Every little cent will take this closer to its target and goal (s) acquisition.

We know first hand, the pain of earthquake destruction.  If we can mitigate impacts through greater awareness, that would be life-safe-guarding for all of us.

Some brief information about Mr. Wayne Abraham follows:  dscf5011

“Mr Abraham, a graduate of the Portsmouth Secondary School, is self-taught in the field of Seismology and has developed great proficiency in electronics after pursuing correspondence courses in the field. He understands very well the geological make up of Dominica and for over three decades has developed a passion for Seismic monitoring, weather events and emergency communications.

This passion was fueled by the events of 1998 when Dominica experienced the Seismic crisis in the south of the island. Mr Abraham is a great resource in the field of IT and this has equipped him to develop varying networks which are of high value to the community and Dominica. In 1998 he contributed to writing the communication plan for the South Dominica Volcanic Plan and also initiated the creation of the Dominica Public Seismic Network (DPSN).

The DPSN has amassed a wealth of analyzed data on Seismic activities on Dominica and elsewhere and has been a point of information and reference for students, seismic enthusiasts, professionals and institutions such as but not limited to personnel from the Office of Disaster Management, Portsmouth University in Great Britain, California State University, University of Texas and UWI Seismic Research Centre (SRC).

In 2007, Mr Abraham received formal training in Seismic data exchange and tsunami warnings. In 2009 during a heightened seismic crisis in the north of Dominica, Mr Abraham worked with UWI SRC to invest in and install monitoring instruments to monitor earthquakes beneath the Morne Aux Diable volcano. He played a pivotal role in the maintenance and operation of this monitoring network until its destruction by Hurricane Maria in 2017. In 2014 Mr. Abraham received further training in Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation. He currently runs a 24 hour earthquake and Tsunami monitoring facility at his private residence in Portsmouth… – This link can take you to the fund raiser!

LABombersFC is Unto A Positive Trajectory & the Fan-base is Growing Exponentially

Today was fabulous.  LABombersFC won its match against SAGICOR South East Football Club, 2-1 and the fans were euphoric.  Mark you, it was still a close call to the extent that any one of the teams could have pulled out that win.  Fortunately Bombers fought and held the lead it established from the game’s first half.   Sagicor put on a solid fight, but it was LABombersFC that emerged winner.    p1080927

While the win is great, I must commend the turnout  of fans to today’s game.  I mean really, the turnout was outstanding.  Portsmouth people came out in our numbers to motivate, encourage, support and surround the team.  The age range of the patrons varied across a wide spectrum.

The well known Cello, Bumper p1080885

p1080883  and the acclaimed mascot – Brandon p1080879 were in full force and action.  All the in-between, family, friends, sponsors and even opponents created a well defined line, sort of encircling the playing field toward the northern, western and eastern sides of the field.  The southern part of the field attracted some Bombers’ fans during the second half; since, the team’s goalkeeper was facing the attack on that side.  Smart move by these fans if you ask me.

The Bombers went to the second half with full advantage, but that was deteriorated once Sagicor scored.  That shook some of the fans’ confidence in the team, and that also deteriorated an aspect of the quality of the support.  I suppose to support the team fully even when they falter is a work in progress.  Passion can really override its beholder(s) sometimes, seemingly.  If that is so, I continue to advocate for patience and more confidence in our team.  Let us not lose composure, for the opponent will capitalize on that.  Remember, as you all proved today, in numbers, there is great strength.  That strength must grow with collective confidence.  So, despite some of the slurs still being leveled at our guys, I highly commend the power of the turnout.

Hey I must tell you all that the Possie Turnout or turn-up shocked and shook the immediate and prospective opponents to the core.  They were troubled, and even perturbed by the strong turnout.  The friendly verbal rivalry was real, to the extent that I heard comments like “too much red in the place”; “Dublanc does come out in full force”; “When you see we come out, we coming out strong”; etc.  The Strength in numbers policy works folks, so let us keep up the strong turnout and support of team LABombersFC.  Further, let us take that spirit into the upkeep and full conversion of our community, from laid-back to alive, from reactive to proactive from cold and caring.  We have all what it takes, we just have to realize it.  p1080911

As the team persists towards growth, we must urge them on.  They need our positive energies to rebound every-time a challenge is thrown at them.  We cannot afford to fall apart, not team mates, not management, not sponsors, nor fan-base.  All must gel!

As the next game comes along, we have more support to give, so let us get set to return with more numbers, more confidence and more hope in our boys.  Whatever the outcome I strongly believe that the LABombersFC is unto a positive trajectory while the fan base is exponentially mutating!  We’ve Got This Possie! Keep the momentum BombersFC.

What are your thoughts on the progress of LABombersFC thus far?  What would you recommend to the team and its management?  Any comments or word to the fans? I would love to hear your perspectives.

Thanks to EmoNews who again carried today’s game live.

Below depicts some additional photos of today’s spectacle.






There is Nothing Mundane About Sunsets – Absolutely Nothing! They are Beautiful

sunset1Are you like me that you see value in the seemingly mundane of things?  Somehow it is almost impossible for me to spot a sunset somewhere and not gaze upon it.  Even when I drive along various parts, especially along the West and Northern Coasts of our island, I often steal chances to capture such moments, phone in one hand and steering wheel in the other.  This is not a good practice, so please do not try it.  There are many times that I stop the car, park along the roadside and snap away.

Let us face it though, is a sunset really mundane?  I mean who says it is that anyway.  To be mundane is to be: “of, or relating to, characteristic of the world; Characterized by the practical, transitory, and ordinary: Commonplace.”    The complexity of the reality that we see the sun in the morning and it leaves us and heads to another part of the world where some people will be starting their new day is mysterious to say the least.    The shadows become pronounced as the brightness fades in our parts – the fact is the sun never really sets.   This is how it is termed anyway, so let us maintain it as mentioned – The Sunset!

So what’s with chasing sunsets?  What is in it really?  All over the world people appreciate the color schemes, the crimson, gold, and green, the blindingly amazing display of light that draws us in.

Do not mention the love-birds.  I mean, the lovers who just drown into each other forming silhouettes undefined along our bays, restaurants, beaches and bars while sipping on their favorite drinks or on each other’s lips.  Did I say that?  Oops, I think it is too late to take it back anyway.

Those of you who know me are wondering what I know about that.  Oh well, whatever, I bet it happens any way.   Our part of the world is a good place to chase and capture sunsets.  Ask Yuri Jones, 365MMP, and Chad Ambo among some of our top photographers who continue to shoot some fantastic treasures all around the island.    Their photos far outweigh those here, but I am always so happy with what I can behold.  7

Interestingly, when someone departs the earth, it is referred to as their sunset, so you will see for example: Sunrise 1910 – Sunset 2010 on graves, funeral programs and notice boards.  In that context, a sunset is morbid; it is daunting, dark and evokes pains.  It is even despised.  The use then of sunset to describe such sad life events, can sometimes cause people to shun the idea of the term.  Notwithstanding this fact, the beauty of sunsets cannot be ignored by their beholders.

All along the coastline with the horizon always in sight, it is easy to take these for granted.  Living in the tropics causes us to ignore the luxuries of nature with which we are graced on most days of the year.  All the same, it is in times when we need a distraction, when life gets to fast-paced or when we just need some quality, quiet time with ourselves and our loved ones that we seek gravitate toward and pay attention to things like sunsets.  20

In the midst of our busy lives, I urge us to stop and gaze at the next sunset, breathe into its rays, breathe slowly then as it pulls us in, and even capture a picture if possible.  Inner peace will be the result!  Peace to thrive through another lovely day.  After all my friends, sunsets are nothing like mundane.

Do you love a good sunset?  Can you at least share a photo or your thoughts about them with us?



2 Videos of the Boiling Lake Experience that challenged me to the Core! A part 2!

This one is really not meant to be long.  You just need to see the raw footage of aspects of our hike via the following two videos.

I bet you are about to have a jaw-dropping experience looking at the beauty that will greet you.  Meanwhile, you are going to want one of those hard boiled sulfuric eggs if you do eat eggs that is.  Even if you do not like eggs, you will wonder about how they tasted and whether we were not more than brave to actually consume those we had.

Well, we are all still alive, one month after, so let us say – It was safe and did not kill any of us.

Here are the videos for your liking.   Feel free to leave a comment if you would like. I would love it if you do.


Did I Tell You About My First Boiling Lake Hike? What an Experience!

p1080633My best friend Kathy visited Dominica in December, and prior to arriving, announced that she will be hiking to the Boiling Lake.  If you are like me, you will do what it takes to grasp quality time with someone who is dear to you, so that urge superseded the deep-seated fear of even contemplating undertaking such a hike.  So, I surrendered to that urge and invited myself to accompany my friend and the guests that she was taking along with her to the island.  Boy, did I know what I was about to encounter?

With a mixture of apprehension and excitement, application for two days of vacation leave from work was made, and the count down began.  I must tell you that days before that hike, I thought I’d pass out with anxiety.  It was then that I tried all sorts of excuses as to why I would not be able to fulfill my wish to join my friend.  Of-course, she constantly just laughed at me and brushed the fear off, as if I was just being coward.  Well, of-course I was being coward.    After all, I was really afraid.

If you ever listened to the horror stories of people who have undertaken the hike, the long hours to be constantly moving, and the need to complete it within reasonable time since it can get dark quite early, you would have probably shared my trepidation.  Fear is a real dark enemy you know, because it really almost deprived me of a never to be forgotten adventure of a lifetime.

As if by fate, two days prior to the hike, I accompanied that friend and her guests up the Indian River on a soothing boat ride captained by a capable staff member of Cobra Tours.

We were joined by some additional visitors, one such being a young man from New York City who shared that he took five days off just to visit the island.  He was a first -time visitor to Dominica as well.  During our descend, he shared that he had an exceptional visit thus far, and was particularly pleased with his hike to the Boiling Lake.  That immediately caught my attention.  In quizzing him about the hike, he offered some things that we should expect, including using ropes, and climbing some rocks, and Lord did I again experience mixed feelings of fear and excitement.  His calm and joy in talking about that particular hike got me sold – I thought to myself, if he could do it, why can’t I?

For the next 30 or so hours prior to the hike, I came to terms with the fact that, this too shall pass, and I must live up to my word.  Besides, this is the opportunity I should relish since I do not get to enjoy much in-person time with my high school friend like this would present.  That was a given, I was expected to honor my promise!

Early Tuesday morning, December, 11th, 2018 a white mini-van (for us a 16 seater bus) arrived by my home and honked its horn to collect this here passenger.  Having been up early, I was set to go.  Everyone seemed quite excited, and that put me at ease.  On the way to Roseau, the conversation about things Dominican was easy and put to flight the inner fright, at least for the time being.  I learned that I was not alone in being a first time hiker to the Boiling Lake – even our driver from Calibishie had never walked it.  Meanwhile, Kathy’s cousin Kelvin was about to undertake the hike for the (wait for it) – for the Fourteenth – yes the 14th time, while Kathy was about to undertake it for the 4th or 5th time.  I thought to myself, these people cannot be serious.  After all the scary stories I heard about that hike, how in the world would someone do this even twice?

Once we got to Roseau, I learned that we would have to meet a tour guide and again that helped to put me at some ease.  We had a tour-guide, that means someone else knows what this hike is about and will most likely be able to make this a good experience.  We met Lenny after a few phone calls and he requested we make one stop to collect eggs.  I thought to myself, this guy knows his stuff.  Lenny got those eggs, and interestingly with all the ebbs and flows of that hike, he maintained carrying them in a flimsy plastic bag only cracking one out of seven while being an exceptional guide all along.


Lenny wrote his name on the rock in the water. The sulfuric nature of the water makes the rocks rather slippery and grayish like this one.

Anyway, by now you must be wondering when am I going to get to the actual hike.  Well yes we got to the Roseau Valley, got off the bus, refreshed our selves and got our hike on the road.   That was easily shaken when one of our guests got a hard fall that scared us all.  Her hike was cut short, we were down to six!  Did that shake me?  Oh yes it did.  That was a decision moment – “to go or not to go?”

For roughly six hours and forty-five minutes, we conquered what can be easily described as a grueling course.  The moments when we ascended the mountain was refreshing and literally breath-taking.  The sights were shockingly threatening, the heights were growing and we were growing tired.  Once we reached that peak, I was struck with a certain level of fear and frustration that we were in for another 45 minutes or so before we could reach destination – Boiling Lake.


Friends for life!  At the Peak before tackling the Valley of Desolation

At that point, our tour-guide handed the job to Kelvin in order to precede us to the Valley of Desolation where he could get eggs boiled for us before our getting there.   You would be amazed at the speed at which Lenny descended that mountain – I am still baffled.  p1080611 Meanwhile, the rest of us pressed on and later enjoyed the sulfuric – boiled eggs (as dubbed by Kelvin).  That protein certainly did us well to face the laborious ascension that followed to the actual Boiling Lake itself.


The eggs are all hard boiled and about to be eaten.  Lenny is wearing the Blue and Black Tshirt

It would be remiss of me not to mention that I was close to quitting at several points, but that would have left me feeling like a looser, and generally it is unlike me to incomplete tasks – so after much pains, but with great encouragement from the hiking party we all pressed on.

You would think that returning would have been a piece of cake?  Well that was where I was tested to the core.  My getting back to the starting point required that I dug deeply into the recesses of my mental power, it demanded that I silently talked to God asking for strength both physical and mental, and that I hung strongly unto a make-shift hiking stick sought for me by our guide.   It is my hope you will realize that by then, my feet were so weak, they were shaking.  My thighs felt like jello, and the pain from a fall on my behind didn’t soothe me in anyway.

I must tell you that all the way up my dear friend Kathy was like a mother hen, reminding our guide to take care of her friends, while she easily stayed at the back like a starring.  I wondered about her, but I think she was storing energy while watching us tackle each step.  This is because on our way back, she showed that she had what it took to complete this hike more than 45 minutes ahead of us.  Her patience was tested, and she eventually gave in.  It was time to move and moved she did with the assurance that we were in safe and capable hands.   Meanwhile, I struggled along with a painful left knee, ridiculously holding back the group.

To say the hike to the Boiling Lake was easy would be a lie.  At least for me it was not.  To tell you that I have an eagerness to return there, would be misleading you, but was this a huge achievement for me?  – You bet it was.  Will I return?  Initially my answer to this question was an immediate NO.  Today, I reflect upon this whole experience and I am so thankful.  It built my friendships, gave me new connections with new people, and certainly tested my metal – an exam I believe I passed though not with flying colors – Passed I did!

If I can take anything from this hike, it would be that we can do anything we have set our minds to – as cliche as this may be.  Factually, had I been hiking and exercising as regularly as I did before, with the aim to prepare for it, the week of soreness that followed my Boiling Lake Hike, would have been a lot less.  I am convinced of that.    Lessons learned, but oh the joy of having this achievement in my memory bank.  Do not talk about the fact that I can now “brag” a little – “YES, I Have Conquered and Hiked the Boiling Lake which is nestled in Dominica’s highest point.”

If you are ever going to such a treacherous hike, get a tour-guide.  Lenny is a great one, I can always establish that link.  I say this because we encountered quite a few foreigners who decided to do the hike with no guide and certainly missed some of the key secrets along the way, as were ably pointed out by our guide.  Plus, the risky nature of this hike requires that you have someone who knows the terrain and dynamics of the place.  Lenny describes his work as a Boiling Lake Tour-guide as “Boiling Lake is like my front door, like my yard.”

Do you think You can do it?  If you have hiked it, would you do it again?  One thing is for certain, the beauty was beyond unprecedented.  Try It!   See for yourself.

Photos Compliment –  Yours Truly – Ceez Paul




Portsmouth – Let Us Keep The Support for LA Bombers Football Club Alive

We Supporting Bombers

Just a part of the turnout at today’s Football match at Benjamin’s Park

We don’t have to look too far from us, to see what support is all about.  Our neighboring village on the West Coast is super at emptying out their fishing village whenever their team is playing anywhere around Dominica.  While me may not necessarily empty out Possie when Bombers plays, we must empty our homes when the games are on home-ground.  Today, we did a great or fabulous job at that.  As a matter of fact, I felt happy and proud being from Portsmouth, regardless of the result.

While we no doubt came out with the hope of taking home the joy of winning that game, and left with the adverse result, we must not be daunted, nor must we lose focus.  First, LA Bombers FC must not give up the fight, to up their results, and emerge better next time; then we the supporters and community members, must not neglect our own responsibilities to push them forward with our support.

The majority of the team are tender-aged lads, who are still learning the game, learning to gel with each other and the team’s administration, and who are still learning to understand themselves.  Man, is that pressure?  A whole town plus opponents are in one spot watching you.  #Pressure #Pride #Pain too.  Mark you, I am making no excuses for the losses the team has endured lately – that is on them and management, but I am simply asking that all of us hold them dear, and maintain the support in whatever ways possible.

There are a lot of ways to support and we must find our own styles to do so.  With steady parading from the likes of Bombers’ Mascot – Brandon,



publicity or live game broadcasts from #EmoNews, shouts of joy and exuberance from all of us when a goal is scored, to the fathers like “Peanuts” running across the field at half time to go and give a word of encouragement and support to his son and teammates, and the steady shouting at the players when they mess up – we all show some support.   Continue reading

Don’t Burst Your Budget For Christmas!

Christmas is in the air, and there are people everywhere … Yeah Yeah, sounds like some kind a poetry line right?

Actually, with Christmas being just one week away, I am working on reminding myself to stay focused, and not get crazy spending the little cash available to me in my effort to make everyone else happy.  Truth be told, we all want to make a difference in somebody’s life.  We also always want to give a special gift to the special people in our lives during times and seasons such as Christmas.   That is normal and actually modest to do.   Nonetheless, we are all working with limited resources, or spending monies I bet, unless you are one of the lucky ones in the 3% population of “rich folks”.

With that said, let me admonish you and myself that we should seek to be thrifty this season and beyond.  A few simple suggestions are as follows if implemented or considered, can assist us toward thriftiness during this season known to tickle lavish spending temptations.  By the way, Christmas is not even about shopping, eating, drinking and spending.  We know there is a bigger meaning to the day and season.  Still, it does command the need to congregate and fellowship; thus, the temptation to burst the limitations of our budgets.

Below are 10 ways to avoid bursting that budget for the Christmas season.

  1. Keep at the forefront of your mind that next month (January) will be a new month which will require you meet its daily needs.
  2. Buy gifts based on the thought, and not necessarily on how expensive it is for that special someone (s).
  3. Accept tokens from others with gratitude, be them small. At least he or she considered you.  Besides, that leaves you with the option of being modest in your giving.
  4. Ensure that your December bills are paid in full, and not neglected or done in part, at the end of the month like the previous months.
  5. Don’t procrastinate on paying these bills. Procrastination will accumulate and leave you under some financial and emotional stress.  Remember, January brings bills of its own; so avoid pushing these to the following month.
  6. Social events are great, but manage your attendance / participation, especially if it requires you to spend on eats and drinks, and even gift exchanges. (Don’t get me wrong, we must socialize and enjoy the season with friends and loved ones, but we must make an effort to avoid overdoing ourselves.)
  7. Put your family’s needs first. Do not neglect these. Remember, your children’s and spouse’s happiness results in your own happiness in and most importantly after this joyful season.
  8. Don’t binge, nor get drunk and lose your purse / wallet in the process. Oh I know drinks will be flowing freely.  Control yourself pal.  To lose your hard earned money or access to it over the holiday is no fun.
  9. If you must, allot a certain portion of money toward gift giving if you so desire, and try sticking to it. Try not to exceed it.  Once it is finished, consider it done.
  10. Remember that January is referred to as the longest month. It really is not about being the longest month, but about how little spending-power one allows his or herself, post December’s salary and spending.  With that knowledge stay focused and vigilant.

Hopefully, we can all exercise restraint and control with our finances during this festive season.  In that way, we will have a comfortable January, as we really should.

Do you have any suggestion you would like to share with us?

In the meantime, best wishes and Season’s Greetings, and a Merry Christmas Season to you and yours!

God bless.

Last year about now…

It is December and it is almost impossible to think that 2018 is nearly over.  The fact is that one year ago today we were just beginning to muster strength to pick up ourselves as a nation.  As an individual, I was constantly seeking ways to find stability.  We had very little evening entertainment, so we created ours.  We played cards, and other board games, and because the night was generally quiet, we could hear almost every drop of the dominoes and their shuffling on the not-too-far neighbors above us.

Our social lives like our geographical construct was rocked to a point of internal conflict.  Despite the troubles we learned to cope, we sat in the dark, we sang happy songs, laughed at trivial things, told old stories, and sometimes just star-gazed.  The little things we relished were the largest of life.  They mattered the most because they kept us sane.

One year later, we no longer Continue reading

Respect the – Can’t Accept!

DSCN0781[1]Just about two weeks ago, I wrote a post on Facebook stating my perplexity with the way our town folks are being criticized by some elements of our society in and out of Dominica.  Unbeknownst to me, a statement meant for good would have come under much criticism by a minority I might add; still the criticisms came.

In life everyone understands the same statement differently, and so that kind of reaction is expected.   You see, our understanding of a statement by someone else has everything to do with our orientations, biases, beliefs and dispositions.  Well, these I have no control over, and so I cannot prevent the misconstruing, nor can I prevent the slurs shot at me on the social media platform, and behind my back in person.

Expressions such as hypocrite, wicked, wisely-wicked were tossed at me, on my page, behind my  back, to my friends on my behalf and among those who know me, believe in me and understand from what angle the post was written.  I was labelled to be of a certain political color, and was given a god that I could never make my God.  So, the long and short of all this is that, I wrote and I got blows for it.    Image08302011133517 Continue reading