AcademiX School of Learning is a Gem in the Town of Portsmouth! Do You Really Know AcademiX?

I do not yet know another institution in Dominica utilizing smart interactive boards to impart knowledge to their students.

Quit Inundating Us during Storms

Social media is great, and with its popularity the world we live in has shrunk.  We are a small village.  I mean literally, everything that happens in every corner of the world can be within our reach in lightening speed.  One can hail this as a wonderful invention and human progress.  Cheers!  One step back, … Continue reading Quit Inundating Us during Storms


Upon driving through the clustered Bay Street in my home town on Thursday 3rd October, I beheld the sad sight of the well known Darry (Darius Ducreay) as I always knew him. He seemed in utter discomfort as his (as I learned) burned body was half covered with what seemed like a t-shirt. You can … Continue reading Advocacy!