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In 40 Days!

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season in the calendar year of many Christians; most especially for the Catholic, Methodist and Episcopal believers. Each year 40 days of such a nature is recognized. It begins on Ash Wednesday (today). Very simply I began with going to a service and recieving ashes on my forehead in reminder that from dust I came, and to dust I will or shall return. Importantly, the need for almsgiving, fasting and praying during this season in need for a deeper conversion was emphasized by the preacher. Still, nothing can say anything about this season to me, better than the following blog post I found at http://fallibleblogma.com/index.php/dare-to-make-this-a-radical-lent/

Matthew Warner shared this, and I take delight in posting it here for your own reading. Essentially and maybe a bit selfishly, I post it here for my return to keep reminding myself of where I should be during these 40 days, but moreso, where I should be thereafter in my walk with God and neighbor. So many lines have stood out for me that I find it difficult to quote any specific one here; instead I suggest you read it for yourself. In my comment on the post, one of the things I mentioned and I care to mention here is: …”my need to radically love beyond the scars which linger within me…” Feel free to visit Matthew’s Blog to read all of it, and leave a comment too if you care to. Most importantly, I hope that you read it to benefit from the depth of this message.

As I embark on the next 40 Days, there is much that I pray for.
If you don’t embrace the Lenten season, I respect it, but what we as Christians do embrace, regardless of our persuasion is the need for a deep and total conversion. Since conversion to Catholics is a journey, I urge you like I remind myself today to work out your salvation in fear and trembling before God our merciful Father.
Yours in Christ Jesus.