Universal Children’s Day

Today is recognized as Universal Children’s Day.  An annual event observed “to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children.”   I urge you to join in the #worldchildrensday event on social media, as I intend to do likewise.   Obviously, the need to observe such a day is much bigger than merely participating in a hashtag event.    FB_IMG_1515539337898     At this moment, if anything special is being done here in Dominica to observe the day let us contribute in whatever way possible.  I believe creating the awareness of the need to protect, preserve and defend children and their rights should be a priority throughout the world, no less in the nature isle.

Today in our island, many children are still disadvantaged, the rights of a sizable number are still being violated, some are being used, abused and misused by adults, parents, friends of families, siblings, fellow-students, and just downright heartless humans.  Some are also being refused through neglect, and advantaged through verbal and psychological mischief.  Meanwhile, we still grapple with the pains of not having sufficiently stringent laws that complement the need to meet the mandate to protect all children.    Continue reading