Hope & Promise

One must live in Hope

Upon driving through the clustered Bay Street in my home town on Thursday 3rd October, I beheld the sad sight of the well known Darry (Darius Ducreay) as I always knew him. He seemed in utter discomfort as his (as I learned) burned body was half covered with what seemed like a t-shirt. You can excuse my eyes for not having captured the full view since driving safely was my primary objective.

The concerning matter was not so much the half-dressed Darry, but the burned one. My company on board informed me of the sad event which led to his burned body as rumored in the town. Since I hold not the facts to this incident, it is by choice that I at this time will not entertain the allegations. What I will entertain; however, is the greater picture of what I suspect is a high level of intolerance and desensitization of our people to heinous acts of mischief. Continue reading