AcademiX School of Learning is a Gem in the Town of Portsmouth! Do You Really Know AcademiX?

I do not yet know another institution in Dominica utilizing smart interactive boards to impart knowledge to their students.

How Do We Get 5-Star Ready Here in Possie? We Have A Little Time To Do So, If We Intend To!

It is clear that if we do not start acting now, we will be caught unprepared, and will suffer a huge deficit in our productivity and ability to take full advantage of the opportunities that such developmental infrastructures have the potential to present.

Did I Tell You About My First Boiling Lake Hike? What an Experience!

My best friend Kathy visited Dominica in December, and prior to arriving, announced that she will be hiking to the Boiling Lake.  If you are like me, you will do what it takes to grasp quality time with someone who is dear to you, so that urge superseded the deep-seated fear of even contemplating undertaking … Continue reading Did I Tell You About My First Boiling Lake Hike? What an Experience!

Called To Be Resilient

Resilient means "able to stand or recover quickly from difficult conditions." Despite how one may feel, the fact stands that we must be able to apply such actions in order to survive the rigging of life itself, first as individuals, and then as a nation.

A successful Book Launch!

I am thrilled to share with you, that on August 3rd, 2012 on a rainy storm-forecast-ed Friday, my first book was launched.  The earlier hours of that day was poised with rain, thunder, and just a dreary feeling of impossibility.  Still, faith remained steadfast.  Prayers persisted against the odds, and God triumph in the end. We … Continue reading A successful Book Launch!