Plantation Grove Restaurant Club and Bar in Dublanc is a secret worth uncovering! Go check it out!

Friday 25th October, 2019 was observed as Creole Day in Dominica. After making a close to 50 miles trip to and from the City of Roseau, my mom and I decided we would have our lunch away from home. On our way up, I spotted the newly and freshly prepared sign highlighting the Plantation Grove Restaurant Club and Bar and silently thought that this would be my opportunity to fulfill the long resisted urge.

This very sign is compelling to one’s curiosity!

You see, for months I have traversed the area to and from work, and promised that I would some day stop to check out this restaurant. One friend spoke highly about his visit to the establishment too, and that only served to intensify the urge and my curiosity to do so. I finally, gave in to that urge, and took my mom along.

Once we got off road, I said to my mom, “I really don’t know where this road is leading, but I’m following”. Interestingly, once one gets off the main road and turns left into the unknown, the less than a minute drive ends in a lovely and clean parking lot. Well once we hit the spot, the aroma of the kitchen struck our nostrils and our hunger once intensified. Meanwhile, immediately, a smiling hostess met us confirming what the signpost said to us. We were in the right place.

Once my mom safely got down the stairs, and we were seated at a table, we knew we were in a really “cool” place. Ms. Margarette Adrien the owner and hostess made us feel at home, and immediately engaged us in conversation. Her warm and welcoming nature was a winner for us.

Though not a very large place, it is able to host a maximum of 30 people, with a private dining area for two if necessary. Before visiting, it is advisable to call ahead of time, so that the lone chef and proprietor herself can organize your dish of choice. Interestingly, we hadn’t called before because we went like explorers. This however, did not deter Ms. Margarette from preparing us a wonderful and sumptuous meal.

The meal was tasty, sufficient, and definitely complementary to our Independence and Creole season. The joy of being able to have a meaningful conversation with some level of privacy, with soft appropriate music in the background, or being able to utilize wifi which she made available certainly made the experience more appreciable. This place is a well kept secret worth uncovering.

One can access the lovely ambiance of the Plantation Grove from Thursdays to Sundays at the Dublanc Afoko Hills, near the Syndicate Road, or by calling (767) 245 1587. Check out their facebook page. The sharp view of the Caribbean Sea nested within home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and other agricultural produce makes dining at the Plantation Grove Restaurant Club and Bar worth the time. The use of local leaves as table mats was also very refreshing and different. – A welcomed difference indeed.

My mom after completing her yummy meal said: “We must return there”! Indeed we must, I concurred. I encourage you to go pay them a visit soon! Maybe I will bounce you there too, and that would be “nice’. I highly recommend this secret awaiting discovery where patrons are guaranteed to “experience Difference.” – Hmm!

Just a part of our meal!

LA Enterprise Bombers FC faces one of its biggest rivals in a game scheduled for Sunday 3rd February at the Benjamin’s Park – Fans are encouraged to turn Up & turn Out – In Large!

Hey Possie, you have been doing tremendously well to turn out to the games of our boys in recent times.  Kudos to all of you who follow the team. If you recall, on Sunday 20th January, the team played South East FC at the Dublanc playing field, a place where some elements of the crowd were not in LA Enterprise Bombers’ corner.

Clearly, they had good reasons right?  Their team and our Bombers now carry the same amount of points into Sunday’s upcoming game.  They hoped our boys would have lost,  but that was to their dismay.  .

Well, the day of reckoning has come, and Bombers’ must now face Dublanc’s team at home in a game being dubbed as “The Clash of the Giants”, while CCCU Dublanc FC must now face our youngsters.  Well if you didn’t know, LABombersFC is a Giant too.  So Yes Possie people, we have reasons to be proud and to stand behind and around them.  51178868_2931387736886858_1324698287818670080_n  Say what we want, Dublanc is close to home too.  Nowwww, we all know that when they move, they move amass. As a matter of fact, some members of the crowd on the 20th vehemently reminded us, that when Dublanc move, is full force.

Welllll Possie, tell me, what are going to do about that? Are we coming out in our large numbers, decking our team’s color with the right mindset and or attitude to cheer Bombers’ on?  Undoubtedly, the opponent will bring it!  Are we going to shock them with our presence, and more-so with our support?   I dare say, we have an obligation to do so.

By the way, one Dublanc supporter accused Possie of not being good supporters eh.  Are we going to prove she and her community wrong, are we going to show them what we are made of, and even more, are we going to stand with and behind our boys regardless come what may?  You see, sometimes we give up on them even before the game ends.  When they feel that negative energy, it frustrates them, and as though left without a choice, they too give up before the game ends.  WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT this coming Sunday.  We must keep the support UP right through.

So, I am calling all and sundry, young and aged, men and women, friends and families (bring the children too) of our boys, and all of Portsmouth, let us go and support Bombers like we Never Did Before.  By the way, Brandon’s bells are too small, they are not loud enough, we need some drums, cowbells, anything that can make a good sound, to push our boys forward until the final whistle echoes.  Don’t be surprised if the opponent (we not calling their name now eh 🙂 ), brings a Lapo Kabwit with them.  Ahhh Possie, we need our Lapo too. Just saying.

Anyway, save all negative comments for chambers on Sunday.  All we want is Support and Encouragement for the young team.  BombersFC – Team Possie – LehWEGo!

Disclaimer:  If you don’t see me, I have good reasons of prior planned engagements, but my prayers and spirit will be with our team – for sure.  IF you see me, well just know I found a way to sto-way from that event.   Wish me luck.  Which ever way, I am supporting BombersFC all the way, for I will be wearing my T-shirt in solidarity with our boys and all of you faithful and new supporters.  Let’s Go Bombers! Let’s GO Possie!


LABombersFC is Unto A Positive Trajectory & the Fan-base is Growing Exponentially

Today was fabulous.  LABombersFC won its match against SAGICOR South East Football Club, 2-1 and the fans were euphoric.  Mark you, it was still a close call to the extent that any one of the teams could have pulled out that win.  Fortunately Bombers fought and held the lead it established from the game’s first half.   Sagicor put on a solid fight, but it was LABombersFC that emerged winner.    p1080927

While the win is great, I must commend the turnout  of fans to today’s game.  I mean really, the turnout was outstanding.  Portsmouth people came out in our numbers to motivate, encourage, support and surround the team.  The age range of the patrons varied across a wide spectrum.

The well known Cello, Bumper p1080885

p1080883  and the acclaimed mascot – Brandon p1080879 were in full force and action.  All the in-between, family, friends, sponsors and even opponents created a well defined line, sort of encircling the playing field toward the northern, western and eastern sides of the field.  The southern part of the field attracted some Bombers’ fans during the second half; since, the team’s goalkeeper was facing the attack on that side.  Smart move by these fans if you ask me.

The Bombers went to the second half with full advantage, but that was deteriorated once Sagicor scored.  That shook some of the fans’ confidence in the team, and that also deteriorated an aspect of the quality of the support.  I suppose to support the team fully even when they falter is a work in progress.  Passion can really override its beholder(s) sometimes, seemingly.  If that is so, I continue to advocate for patience and more confidence in our team.  Let us not lose composure, for the opponent will capitalize on that.  Remember, as you all proved today, in numbers, there is great strength.  That strength must grow with collective confidence.  So, despite some of the slurs still being leveled at our guys, I highly commend the power of the turnout.

Hey I must tell you all that the Possie Turnout or turn-up shocked and shook the immediate and prospective opponents to the core.  They were troubled, and even perturbed by the strong turnout.  The friendly verbal rivalry was real, to the extent that I heard comments like “too much red in the place”; “Dublanc does come out in full force”; “When you see we come out, we coming out strong”; etc.  The Strength in numbers policy works folks, so let us keep up the strong turnout and support of team LABombersFC.  Further, let us take that spirit into the upkeep and full conversion of our community, from laid-back to alive, from reactive to proactive from cold and caring.  We have all what it takes, we just have to realize it.  p1080911

As the team persists towards growth, we must urge them on.  They need our positive energies to rebound every-time a challenge is thrown at them.  We cannot afford to fall apart, not team mates, not management, not sponsors, nor fan-base.  All must gel!

As the next game comes along, we have more support to give, so let us get set to return with more numbers, more confidence and more hope in our boys.  Whatever the outcome I strongly believe that the LABombersFC is unto a positive trajectory while the fan base is exponentially mutating!  We’ve Got This Possie! Keep the momentum BombersFC.

What are your thoughts on the progress of LABombersFC thus far?  What would you recommend to the team and its management?  Any comments or word to the fans? I would love to hear your perspectives.

Thanks to EmoNews who again carried today’s game live.

Below depicts some additional photos of today’s spectacle.