Please help Devon Malcolm Brewster get re-registered in Medical School at UWI in Jamaica! Sign below this post & Support the Go Fund Me!

Tonight, I read what I considered a heart-breaking desperate call for help from a young man seeking to become a medical doctor.  This young man I have known in our community as an exemplary one and have no hesitation in making his plea, my plea too.

You know how the saying “young men is an endangered species” and that “young men are under-performers in academics…” and all the other negatives uttered about young, black and or Caribbean males? – Well if one young man is making efforts to break this ridiculously viscous cycle, we should all rally behind him.  This is my position!

Malcolm is a multi-talented person.  He is a musician, and has the potential to preach the word of God.  He awed so many people when he preached at the funeral service of a renounced individual not too long ago at  – Mount Wallace Methodist Church which is his home congregation.   He is fearless and God fearing all together.  He has a passion for all things positive and is still so very humble and pleasant.   37065942_1550112276574141_r

Many can attest to his great leadership skills and potentials, his contributions to community via hosting of summer music classes for children, and his participation in other life changing and positively impactful activities.

Additionally, Malcolm’s outstanding academic achievements at all levels thus far cannot be ignored.  He in my view, is a perfect candidate for the investment of  some of our nation’s tax dollars, or a reputable scholarship.   The question of why such a promising yut- man is presently de-registered due to some tuition debt baffles me.  Like many of us, his family most likely doesn’t have the resources to assist him pursue his heart’s desire; thus, him being at the mercy of the lack.  For how long again should we leave him to the elements of this emotional torture?

Uncertainty is not comfort.  Being de-registered is depressing and embarrassing.  No one would like this for his or her child, no caring parent would sleep well knowing a son or daughter is living on a house built on sand.  Sadly, this must be the predicament of Devon Malcolm Brewster and his family.

I hereby join the call to whom it may concern, to consider with urgency the need of the young Devon Malcolm Brewster.   He might save some of our families’ life as a medical doctor in the near future – God willing – after all.  Who knows?  Then again, it would be our loss if this young man doesn’t achieve this goal, or if he throws stones behind his back and never turns to look at Dominica.  We the “elders” are expected to promote sustainability.  Investing in Young Devon Malcolm Brewster, is investing in Sustainable Development and Resilience.

Somebody who can, please do something to help Malcolm Brewster study peacefully, with the confidence that he will and can achieve his goals.  If he does, then Dominica wins.

If you support this call, please make an effort to simply sign your name below this post as a comment, so that we have signatures registered to prove our support to him.

Meanwhile, I have noted a GoFundMe petition was set up for him.  If you are so moved to assist him, please hit the above link.  Devon Needs our Support.  It is that simple.



Your help is Needed to purchase necessary Seismic Instruments for our Dominica? This is an urgent Need which can benefit our Region! Give Today

If you have any knowledge of Dominica our Nature Isle, we know that we are surrounded by at least 9 volcanoes.  Added to this awareness, is the reality of the frequent and unnerving earth-shakes that we experience.

In 2004, many of us became a bit more aware of this phenomenon after suffering from the horror of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that affected the island, especially the northern part for quite a while with hundreds of horrible aftershocks.  portsmouth catholic churchLately, the shakes have been a bit too frequent for comfort, still we live on.  Actually, we must live on shake or no shake until God says otherwise right?

With these facts, we must continue to learn how to prepare for earthquakes, and our nations needs to prepare to give early warnings to its citizens.  Well, actually, our region needs to do just that as well.

Two days ago, I stumbled upon an email from the head of the Public Seismic Network Inc. – Wayne Abraham, and noticed that there is a fund-raiser ongoing to purchase instruments to monitor earthquakes around the island.   A GoFundMe campaign is on thus.  Click the above link or right here: for more information about this crucial campaign.

It is important to note that this organization has been existing for more than twenty years, and has been registered for the last eighteen.  In speaking with Mr. Abraham, who has been monitoring seismic activities independently for many years in Dominica, I further learned that the goal is to purchase at least ten (10) low cost sensors.  Seemingly, a high quality sensor costs about US$6000.00.   He indicated that the ideal number of sensors needed to cover the island is twenty-five (25), and that ten is really the mere minimum.

The goal is to ensure that four of these sensors will be placed around Morne-au-diable Volcano, and six will be scattered in the southern part of the island to monitor 7 volcanoes.   Additionally,  to ensure safety, and access of these sensors, secure housing with power, and internet will be sought as locations to place these monitors.  This will protect them against weather effects and theft or vandalism.  Thus, people willing to house these sensors will be a positive toward their placements.  A key detail worth noting is that, once the sensors are up and running, they will facilitate the setting up of an early warning system that can hit our phones and or email boxes once set up.

Though this is no fun subject, it is a necessity and is the business of each of us.  I suggest we take some time to make it our concern and support a noble and worthy cause that could benefit us and our families in the long run.  Every little cent will take this closer to its target and goal (s) acquisition.

We know first hand, the pain of earthquake destruction.  If we can mitigate impacts through greater awareness, that would be life-safe-guarding for all of us.

Some brief information about Mr. Wayne Abraham follows:  dscf5011

“Mr Abraham, a graduate of the Portsmouth Secondary School, is self-taught in the field of Seismology and has developed great proficiency in electronics after pursuing correspondence courses in the field. He understands very well the geological make up of Dominica and for over three decades has developed a passion for Seismic monitoring, weather events and emergency communications.

This passion was fueled by the events of 1998 when Dominica experienced the Seismic crisis in the south of the island. Mr Abraham is a great resource in the field of IT and this has equipped him to develop varying networks which are of high value to the community and Dominica. In 1998 he contributed to writing the communication plan for the South Dominica Volcanic Plan and also initiated the creation of the Dominica Public Seismic Network (DPSN).

The DPSN has amassed a wealth of analyzed data on Seismic activities on Dominica and elsewhere and has been a point of information and reference for students, seismic enthusiasts, professionals and institutions such as but not limited to personnel from the Office of Disaster Management, Portsmouth University in Great Britain, California State University, University of Texas and UWI Seismic Research Centre (SRC).

In 2007, Mr Abraham received formal training in Seismic data exchange and tsunami warnings. In 2009 during a heightened seismic crisis in the north of Dominica, Mr Abraham worked with UWI SRC to invest in and install monitoring instruments to monitor earthquakes beneath the Morne Aux Diable volcano. He played a pivotal role in the maintenance and operation of this monitoring network until its destruction by Hurricane Maria in 2017. In 2014 Mr. Abraham received further training in Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation. He currently runs a 24 hour earthquake and Tsunami monitoring facility at his private residence in Portsmouth… – This link can take you to the fund raiser!