2 Videos of the Boiling Lake Experience that challenged me to the Core! A part 2!

This one is really not meant to be long.  You just need to see the raw footage of aspects of our hike via the following two videos.

I bet you are about to have a jaw-dropping experience looking at the beauty that will greet you.  Meanwhile, you are going to want one of those hard boiled sulfuric eggs if you do eat eggs that is.  Even if you do not like eggs, you will wonder about how they tasted and whether we were not more than brave to actually consume those we had.

Well, we are all still alive, one month after, so let us say – It was safe and did not kill any of us.

Here are the videos for your liking.   Feel free to leave a comment if you would like. I would love it if you do.



Life Puzzles

Since I spoke of the the fact that I worked on trying to complete a picture puzzle yesterday, and shared its incompleted phase, I thought I should update you on its progress. It was perfected today, in total completion. Yay! And no, I didn’t do it myself, neither did I do most of it. Still I am happy that I assisted in its most difficult stages, and then in its easiest stage.

It made me think that, life sometimes behaves like a major puzzle. Continue reading