A Call To Worship

40131308_10155608044865965_8585435399009075200_nMany people who do not subscribe to what I may believe will probably frown on the latest call for us to gather to worship.  I strongly believe we have an obligation to surrender to God daily, not just when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives, but on a regular basis.  The point is that, we are in relationship with Jesus, and must remain connected to Him.  After all, He is the Source and Summit of our faith.  So, to profess that we Love Him and not set aside the quality time to honor and worship Him, is to be contrary to our own profession.

The Call to Worship is for All people, especially for all of us who claim to belong to God.  We are called by many people to do many things, often things which have nothing to do with strengthening our connection with God the creator.  There are many voices screaming out our names, seeking to win our attention and responses.  We must know the difference and determine who we would like to follow, who we would like to choose and whom we choose to serve.      Continue reading


God Always Comes Through!

Have you ever felt like you just can’t move on?
Have you found yourself in a state of stagnation, where you feel like a total failure?
Have you been at a place where you wonder if you will ever really be seen for who you are?
Have you felt stalled, like a big old truck stuck in a muddy road?

Well, I have felt like some of these many a time in my life.
Today, I just realize I need to remind myself, and by extension to remind you, that
God will come through for you. Continue reading