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40 Lessons I learned during this Lenten Season


On my way to work in March 2013. Breath-taking!

What is a learned-lesson if not shared?  Life is a teacher to the attentive, a guide to the seeker, a light to the wanderer, and an artist to the gazer.  My Lenten Journey was one which required that I pay close attention to the instructions which the true source of Life, who is Life Himself was giving.   In many ways, lessons came to me, some I grasped in an instant, and others undoubtedly evaded, and or bamboozled me.
It would be remise of me not to share 40 of these with you!  Forty, being complementary to the life-span of any Lenten Season, but certainly this does not exhaust the many simple things I am taking away from the season.   Hope you can share in them, and or share yours with me.

1.    Fasting is not impossible – employ it frequently
2.    Discipline is characteristic of a Disciple, they are interconnected and inseparable
3.    Forgive like a fool, for it is there that you will gain true freedom and wisdom
4.    Never stop praying for Wisdom (Wisdom chapter 9 – Pray it as often as you can)
5.    Wisdom is when God allows us to see through His Holy eyes
6.    Forty days are really short, don’t waste a single minute therein
7.    Speak the word with passion, but live it with fearless drive
8.    Ask for forgiveness like a child, and apologize like you’re going to die, it frees you
9.    Sing as if the entire world is within the sound of your voice, – so sing unreservedly
10.    Silence is loud, so speak not, just let it play
11.    Faith is worth having, – outside of it, you have nothing
12.    Let your music speak your language of life
13.    Give from your heart, – from there its hurt will reveal its authenticity
14.    Lent is never easy, you will be tested too
15.    Do the unpopular, let the world stand stunned, while God’s peace enfolds you    eternally
16.    The community of believers is your life-blood, don’t stray from it
17.    Sometimes your world will get silent; Listen, for God is speaking therein, get that word
18.    The Holy Spirit is your friend – Befriend Her
19.    Un-forgiveness is enemy to Holy Spirit Power; the adverse is High Class Power!
20.    Upon seeing the light of day, the first – Five are the most crucial – Spend it with God
21.    God wants to have a Heart-Stumping, and mountain Moving Relationship with me
22.    Confession – true contrition is sweet!
23.    Work is important, but Never more than your life and faith
24.    Theology is beckoning at my intellect – “try me, try me soon”
25.    Faith, Food, the Faithful and Fitness are all connected;They complement each other
26.    The Holy Spirit makes you bold beyond your physical and mental limitations
27.    To yield to God is to trust like a child in its mother’s loving arms
28.    When God has a plan, Nothing can contend! – In the final analysis He gets His Way!
29.    Speaking God’s word reaches the ear; Prayerfully singing doubles the effect, straight to the heart
30.    The Spirit of God takes different paths to make us holy, but there are similarities
31.    It is Wise for one to renew his or her Confirmation – Fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit
32.    Simplicity is totally freeing and beautiful
33.    Humility, humility, humility, – three very powerful words for the Christian
34.    Death is an ever shadow, but God is forever real Light
35.    Electing a Pope is major, even better, it is a Sacred Undertaking, not merely human
36.    Jesus is still in the Prayer Answering Business – His time is different from mines
37.    Indifference is a thief of humility, simplicity and impartiality; Even, it fears vulnerability
38.    The Same Christ, who was resurrected, is the same Christ who lives in me – Wow!
39.    Pray as if God is deaf; ask, seek, and knock – and trustfully wait, He will answer
40.    Our purpose for living should be to See Jesus Face to Face with Joy in the end

Dear friend, knowing that we can never learn all the lessons life has to give to us; we must keep learning, implementing and growing as we age.  Hopefully, you can relate to some if not all of these lessons.  Care to share some of your own lessons learned over-time?  God bless.

Day #3 — Obedience

Today, I tried pondering on obedience to God particularly through an avenue of releasing what is needed to be set free. Today’s readings according to the church reminded me strongly that what God wants of me to stop pointing fingers, to rid myself of every quarrel and to quit speaking any form of wickedness. Honestly, when I introspect I really do feel like I am far from heaven, being my own worst critic and then ofcourse often I have been angry. Today, I desire to obey God by seeking to let go of things, thoughts, behaviors, mindsets and attitudes which are of a negative nature.
I seek to release myself through obedience to God to relieve myself from self-unforgiveness.

Importantly, I want to forgive others that I may be able to receive the forgiveness of God. Simply, I think obedience and forgiveness go together. They are interrelated, and interdependent to a great extent. Both are biblical commands that Christians are asked to utilize. They are actions words.

As I keep on this journey, I pray for the grace to look ahead with positivity, hope, love, healing, forgiveness and growth in Christ. There is still so much more I need to employ in my walk with God. Oh, I do not want to miss heaven for anything. So, I choose obedience of God today. Difficult, but possible.
The thought which captures it all: “The devil doesn’t fear austerity but holy obedience.” –St. Francis de Sales
Austerity can be good sometimes, but the fact is, it is insufficient.
God bless you today.

In 40 Days!

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season in the calendar year of many Christians; most especially for the Catholic, Methodist and Episcopal believers. Each year 40 days of such a nature is recognized. It begins on Ash Wednesday (today). Very simply I began with going to a service and recieving ashes on my forehead in reminder that from dust I came, and to dust I will or shall return. Importantly, the need for almsgiving, fasting and praying during this season in need for a deeper conversion was emphasized by the preacher. Still, nothing can say anything about this season to me, better than the following blog post I found at http://fallibleblogma.com/index.php/dare-to-make-this-a-radical-lent/

Matthew Warner shared this, and I take delight in posting it here for your own reading. Essentially and maybe a bit selfishly, I post it here for my return to keep reminding myself of where I should be during these 40 days, but moreso, where I should be thereafter in my walk with God and neighbor. So many lines have stood out for me that I find it difficult to quote any specific one here; instead I suggest you read it for yourself. In my comment on the post, one of the things I mentioned and I care to mention here is: …”my need to radically love beyond the scars which linger within me…” Feel free to visit Matthew’s Blog to read all of it, and leave a comment too if you care to. Most importantly, I hope that you read it to benefit from the depth of this message.

As I embark on the next 40 Days, there is much that I pray for.
If you don’t embrace the Lenten season, I respect it, but what we as Christians do embrace, regardless of our persuasion is the need for a deep and total conversion. Since conversion to Catholics is a journey, I urge you like I remind myself today to work out your salvation in fear and trembling before God our merciful Father.
Yours in Christ Jesus.