Just for Today!

Today, I spent some time at the Dominica Broadcasting Station, as a guest on a radio program with my Parish Priest Fr. Herman Sharplis, along with Miss Fredericka James.  We focused on issues such as Resolution making, Relationships (As relates to that with God and others) and setting Boundaries.  There I personally said that I … Continue reading Just for Today!

Just Another Year?

Age is natural, to age is inevitable.  A few days ago, I grew numerically older.  That number can be significant in the science of things.  Still it can be insignificant if I care less about what the number all means.  Whoever said that by a certain age, we should all acquire a certain amount of … Continue reading Just Another Year?

New year, New Rule

Growing up in the Caribbean, that famous expression "new year, new rule," was a must at the start of a new year. I am certain it is still being said by people, though often for fun purposes. Personally, I have no rule really for the new year, but I find it kind of funny, and … Continue reading New year, New Rule