Today, I am thinking and feeling like I am totally “Inundated.”   This word has played on my mind for a few days now, but particularly since my recent heightened usage of the internet for educational purposes.  We must be grateful for the multitude of information that is out there in cyberspace.  Everywhere subject you are interested in, or anything word you type into a browser can bring you a wealth of information – often more than you desire.  With such wealth at our fingertips, gratitude is in order for its existence.  Yet, sometimes too much is just too much, and it hurts our heads.  We can never read all the information thrown at us.  There emerges inundation.

The first known use of the word, inundate was in 1590.  It is of Latin origin, and stems from the word inundatus, as a past participle of inundare from in- + unda (wave) – more at water.  Inundate is defined as: “to cover with a flood: Overflow or overwhelm.”  Continue reading