Protect Our Children! Penalize the Perpetrators

P1070759            Child Sexual Abuse – is a real and deadly phenomenon in our land.  Hiding it under a bushel will not do us any good, and our future generations will be unproductive if we fail to protect them.  The societal impact will be detrimental.

Child Sexual Abuse “is sexual exploitation or sexual activities with a child under circumstances that indicate that the child’s health or welfare is harmed or threatened.  This definition includes inappropriate sexual activities between children and adults.”) – Family Violence Legal, Medical and Social Perspectives – Harvey Wallace pg.66.

Two types of sexual abuse are extra-familial; (which refers to exploitative sexual contact with perpetrators who may be known to the child – neighbors, babysitters, live-in partners), and intra-familial (which includes incest, and refers to any type of exploitative sexual contact occurring between relatives). 

This recent abuse being discussed widely on social media, but which has occurred in our island is cause for concern.  This child unfortunately is being advantaged, and raped over and over again by the promotion of the video and the blames that are being placed on her.   Who is going to protect her?  Who is going to help her to regain her dignity, build her self-confidence and aim toward a productive and happy future?  Continue reading