Why should I give to this: Back to School Scholarship Program?

Hitting the www.insidepossie.com website, the first thing that might catch your attention is this sizable forest green box-shaped notice with the words: “INSIDE POSSIE 2nd Annual Back to School Scholarship Program IS ON NOW,” written in white. Alongside it you will find a yellow banner giving a very modest explanation of the purpose for this activity. The promoters and organizers suggest that it is mainly to provide stationary to needy children of the community of Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

But, why should you give? I mean, is it our business to give to people in such hard economic times? What is the point? Maybe we are even thinking; why can’t parents go to find work to provide for their children? Why are they making children if they cannot provide for them? Maybe some people will say that their children never got any help when they were going to school. The point is I am certain we can probably rake up a hip of reasons why we shouldn’t care to give to something like a Scholarship Fund. Continue reading