As tempting as this beast emerges

As vile as the fury of this is bitter

As greedy as fame’s power damages

Woolgatherer promises to be bigger

As painful as this rude awakening

As carefree as it’s heart is roaming Continue reading


Life Puzzles

Since I spoke of the the fact that I worked on trying to complete a picture puzzle yesterday, and shared its incompleted phase, I thought I should update you on its progress. It was perfected today, in total completion. Yay! And no, I didn’t do it myself, neither did I do most of it. Still I am happy that I assisted in its most difficult stages, and then in its easiest stage.

It made me think that, life sometimes behaves like a major puzzle. Continue reading

New year, New Rule

Growing up in the Caribbean, that famous expression “new year, new rule,” was a must at the start of a new year. I am certain it is still being said by people, though often for fun purposes.
Personally, I have no rule really for the new year, but I find it kind of funny, and figure, since this is my first post for 2012, I might as well use it. So, if you find no real rule in this post, forgive me.

Often another “R” word makes itself ubiquitous during a new year too – “Resolution.” Personally, if you ask me what is my resolution for 2012, I will tell you it is to not make a resolution. So in clearer terms, “My new year’s resolution is no resolution whatsoever.” Continue reading

I learned in 2011 – Did you?

Throughout the year 2011 I have learnt many a lesson. Can I articulate them all? Can I tell you exactly at what points that I learnt these lessons? Maybe I can’t do any of these, but I know I have recognized new knowledge from the unique experiences which befell me. To describe the year as challenging would be an understatement. Still, to not describe it as tough would be to say it was a real easy one. One thing is for certain, I don’t intend to lament, nor do I intend to rehash their details.

Certainly, you must have had your share of toughness during 2011. To absorb the blame for the tragedies, hurts and destruction which occurred around and within me is maybe the safest way to look at them. Continue reading